Christmas Cake Decoration & Log Cake Tutorial by Serena & Zarina for Thermomix® Singapore

Christmas is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than by baking for your loved ones? Watch as Serena of Nanatang which is a bake house and studio and Zarina Sani in this informative session where they’ll be sharing techniques in frosting, piping and cake decoration – right in time for those of us getting ready for our festive bakes.

Recipe for the Chocolate Whipped Cream:


  • 500g Heavy Cream
  • 45g Chocolate Powder
  • 45g Caster Sugar


1. Insert Butterfly Whisk. Add all ingredients in the mixing bowl, 1-2 mins / speed 2. 💡 Zarina did it in 1½ mins with cold cream from the fridge. Always try a shorter timing if it is still soft. Add on timing to beat a bit more. DO NOT over beat, otherwise the cream will split/curdle.For the best results, chill the mixing bowl. It will take a faster time to whip the cream

2. Place cream into piping bags and chill for use in the next few days.

Recipe for the Butter Cream


  • 145g egg whites
  • 120g caster sugar
  • 420g butter, cubed, room temperature


1. Insert butterfly whisk.

2. Whisk 2 mins / 60°C / speed 3 without measuring cup.

3. Whisk 6 mins / 40°C / speed 3 without measuring cup, to bring the temperature down.

4. Add about half the cubed butter, beat 5 mins / speed 2.5 without measuring cup and add half of the remaining butter in through the measuring cup hole. Stop when the buttercream is formed. (It took Zarina about 3 mins for the buttercream to be formed)

For the cakes, there are many recipes for log cakes and sponge cakes but these are our favorites:

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