I am a Thermomix Advisor

This article was written and contributed by Thermomix Advisor Eimeth.

I quit a high flying job to become a stay-at-home mum after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and finally giving birth to baby Jon and shortly after Emilie. The kids’ early years took up all my time and I got so used to spending all my waking hours fussing over the kids. Time passed very quickly, soon they started spending  most of their time in schools.

Then came my void of not knowing how to spend my time besides wasting it away on TV soaps and finding new interest hobby classes to occupy my time during school hours. I have never been a great cook and gave up long ago. One day, I was invited to my friend’s house to watch a Thermomix cooking show. I fell in love with the idea of Thermomix cooking for me as I so desperately wanted to be able to cook for my children. I committed  a unit on the spot and once it was delivered, I became a fervent Thermomix cook – constantly prowling for new recipes to try.

The appreciative words of encouragement and the lavish praises from my family for my cooking grew my motivation to cook more. Seeing them lap up everything I cooked, made me more determined to cook. As I hosted and shared my Thermomix experience, I decided to join the team as I was already sharing my stories and convinced so many of my friends to make their life-changing decision to adopt Thermomix into their lives. I thought hey I might as well get paid for being an ambassador for the brand.

I love the idea of working for myself. I manage my Thermomix business by booking all my cooking shows during those hours when my kids are at school. I believe my passion for cooking is the main driving factor for getting people to purchase Thermomix from me. I work for myself, manage my own time, and I share my personal experience of using Thermomix to save time, money and eat more healthily since I can control the good stuff that goes into the food I prepare. My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I feel good sharing Thermomix as I have seen how some of my customers’ lives, like mine, have changed for the better with Thermomix.

From eating out and purchasing “ta bao” (a local slang for purchasing ready-to-eat food) for almost every meal; to cooking my own, I firmly believe food made with love makes a huge difference. If you would like to earn while choosing only to work during the hours you want; make like-minded new friends who also are foodies and have lots of fun experimenting and cooking new dishes, you must join us.

My Thermomix has paid for itself. BUT do you know the best part for newbies joining Thermomix is to get Thermomix for FREE ?

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