Mochi Snow Skin Mooncakes

Do you dislike snow skin mooncakes’ raw flour taste? You must try this recipe where we cook the dough into mochi and shape them into beautiful snow skin mooncakes. This recipe allows you to be as creative as you want – making traditional single colour, or multi-colour mooncakes and even free style ones in shapes of cute bunnies!

Watch Sherene Chen and Serene Tham show us the steps to make the mochi skin, mix the colours and shape into mochi snow skin mooncakes.

You may use ready made pastes, or make your own from scratch using our recipes for Red Bean Paste, Yam paste, Sweet potato paste or Lotus Paste. Add flavourings like orange, lychee, chocolate truffles (you can homemade your own nama chocolate) or even just stuff in a Ferraro Rocher chocolate or frozen ice cream!

Watch the tutorial first for the method, then scroll down for the mochi snow skin mooncake recipe and recipes for fillings like chocolate lotus paste and even making your lotus and red bean pastes from scratch! Start making your own homemade mooncakes with your Thermomix®!

Mochi Snowskin Mooncake Recipe

Mochi Skin Ingredients
• Fresh Milk 250g

• Condensed Milk 30g

• Cooking oil 25g

• Sugar 30g

• Glutinous Rice Flour 60g

• Rice Flour 40g

• Teng Flour (Wheat Starch) 25g

• Gel food coloring (optional)


1. Place all ingredients into Thermomix® mixing bowl, set 5 mins/50°C/speed 3

2. Strain the mixture into metal plate, cover the plate with cling wrap, and place in the Varoma dish.

3. Pour 800-1000g of water into mixing bowl and use kettle mode to boil the water

4. Set the varoma with the plates of dough mixture on top of the lid, then set 30 mins/Varoma/Speed 2 to steam the mochi dough

5. Transfer into plastic bag, knead with hands for several minutes until the surface looks shiny. Add colouring when the dough is still warm, knead until the colour is even

6. Place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before shaping

7. Check the footnote for tips on filling and weight recommendations

8. Use your hands to flatten out the dough, or wrap it in cling wrap and set it on a flat surface to flatten out the shape using a plate.

9. Put the paste in the middle of the dough, then wrap it up.

10. For better shaping, coat the mould with some cooked glutinous rice flour before pressing out the mooncakes

11. Best served after at least 1 hour in the refrigerator

12. Store in an airtight container and best consumed within 3 days


• Dusting flour: Use baked glutinous flour (Bake on 150C/15-20mins depending on oven) or use fried glutinous rice flour (fry for 5mins on low heat).

• 50g mooncake mould suggestion: 28g snow skin dough + 22g filling

• 75g mould: 35g snow skin dough+ 40g filling

• 100g mould: 45g snow skin dough+ 55g filling
*Mochi Recipe credit : Sherene Chen

Chocolate Lotus Paste & Chocolate Truffle Filling 🍫

Chocolate Truffle

• 140 grams of dark chocolate

• 3 tablespoons heavy cream (use 1.5 TBSP cream if using liqueur)

• Optional: 1½ tablespoons coffee liqueur (eg: Kahlua, Baileys)

Step 1. Chop chocolate 3 sec/sp 8. Add cream and liquer (if using), melt 2-3 min/50°C/sp 2

Step 2. Remove from bowl, and cover with cling wrap. Chill in the fridge for 30min to 1 hour until firm, and shape into 10g balls using cling wrap.

Chocolate Lotus paste

• 55 grams dark chocolate

• 250g white lotus paste

Step 1. Chop chocolate 3 sec/sp 8. Melt the chocolate at 2 min/50°C/sp 0.5

Step 2. Add 250g lotus paste and mix 30 sec/sp 3-4

Step 3. Remove from mixing bowl and proceed to shape.

Note: The mixture may be oily, this is perfectly normal due to the warmth of the melted chocolate. Use a kitchen towel to dab the oil away from the paste.

Ratio for 50g mooncakes:

10g chocolate truffle

20g chocolate lotus paste

20g mochi snowskin
*Chocolate truffle and paste recipe credit : Serene Tham

Recipe to make White Lotus Paste using Thermomix®

Recipe to make Red Bean Paste using Thermomix®

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