Basic Cook Book & Recipe Chip Bundle (Chinese) TM5

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This is a bundle of the Basic Cookbook and Recipe Chip in Chinese language

The Basic Cookbook in Chinese language offers a compilation of over 180 essential recipes for delicious everyday meals with proven Thermomix® simplicity! Enjoy quick and easy soups and starters, discover a tempting variety of main dishes, take pleasure in effortless sweet and savoury baking and impress your family and friends with outstanding sauces and desserts. You know you can always rely on Thermomix®!

The Basic cookbook recipe chip allows you to experience guided cooking with your Thermomix TM5! This Recipe Chip is your guide to making the most of your Thermomix®, the Basic cookbook chip also features tips for converting conventional recipes for your Thermomix® so you can continue creating endless everyday surprises.


此本幸福厨房食谱收录了188道每个家庭餐桌常见的经典料理,您可以简易及快速地利用Thermomix®做出汤品及前菜,甚至是各式各样的主菜,您可以透过Thermomix® 来让您的朋友和家人一同体验烹饪所带来的惊奇和乐趣。

此芯片收集了188道每个家庭餐桌常见的经典料理,您可以通过Thermomix® 提供的引导式烹饪步骤,简易及快速地做出各式各样的前菜、汤品及主菜,让您和朋友及家人一同体验烹饪所带来的惊奇和乐趣。

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