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Thermomix® Enak, Eh, Nak Cook Book TM 5 | TM6

Thermomix® Enak, Eh, Nak Cook Book TM 5 | TM6


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Treat yourself to 70 tantalising original hand-me-down Malay recipes, including aromatic condiments and spice blends, popular snacks and sweet treats, rice dishes, noodles, and also main dishes. Journey through this culturally vibrant and diverse Enak, Eh, Nak. cookbook with your Thermomix® and serve up mouth-watering authentic Malay dishes on your dining table. Traditional and rich heritage flavors are preserved and can now passed on through the generations through simpler cooking steps with the Thermomix®.

Key Features:

  • A compilation of the best Malay traditional dishes contributed by 67 Thermomix® Advisors
  • Features 70 Malay dishes converted for easier cooking using a Thermomix®
  •  Holiday and Festive Delicacies
  • Conventional dishes made simpler and healthier without compromising flavours
  • Smart, modern cooking for the same traditional flavours
  • Less effort! No need to chop, pound and fry. No splatters, no grease, no smelly fingers. Less cleaning up.
  • 8 exclusive TM6 recipes 16 festive dishes for celebrations and holidays

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