Thermomix Singapore | Thermomix Hands-on Jelly Flora Art Class (22th June 2017)
Thermomix ® is the world's most versatile kitchen appliance. It uses state-of-the-art technology to combine functions of 12 appliances in 1.
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Thermomix Hands-on Jelly Flora Art Class (22th June 2017)


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Encore! Back by popular demand.

Again, led by Annie Neo, Singapore’s foremost authority in Jelly Art and one of the first instructors in Singapore, she will instruct this hands-on class.

Learn from Annie, flowers injection skills to create your very own artistic showcase Jelly Art.

She will also show step-by-step instructions, how Thermomix, with precise temperature control is perfect for Jelly Art and how to maintain the ideal temperature for the jelly mixtures to remain in liquid form throughout the injecting process.

(1) Learn to cook jelly using Thermomix
(2) Prepare the jelly base, canvas and mixing the colours
(3) Artistic injection techniques (correct handling, positioning, movement and pressure) to create 2 Jelly Artwork (medium and small sizes)
(4) Learn how to do the Flora Jelly
(5) Receive a set of flora art tools of syringes and specialised tips to create jelly art of different textures, patterns and shapes
(6) Bring home your finished work
(7) Hands-on class (6 people to start the class)


Date: 22th June 2017 (Thursday)
Time : 1:00 – 5pm
Duration : 4 hours
Recipes will be provided.

Difficulty : All Levels


22th June 2017


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