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Thermomix® Mother’s Day Digital Gift Certificate

Thermomix® Mother’s Day Digital Gift Certificate


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There’s no better gift than a Thermomix® for that special mom in your life!

Gift the world’s smartest all-in-one kitchen machine, Thermomix® TM6, as the ultimate new year’s gift for the special mom in your life so she can enjoy a lifetime of effortless cooking and good food!

Thermomix® is the original heated blender invented in 1961 that has evolved with time to become a powerful 24-in-1 multi-function super kitchen that keeps updating new features on it’s own via WiFi. With direct access to over 67,000 recipes on Cookidoo®, the World’s largest online digital recipe library, cooking is never easier with step-by-step guidance from start to finish. Cooking results are guaranteed – everyone can cook!

Whether he/she is health conscious, loves experimenting with cooking, a novice cook, an accomplished cook, or even a professional chef, we assure you – as long as there’s a passion to cook, your Thermomix® gift will be greatly appreciated – because there are thousands of possibilities and endless inspiration when you are a proud Thermomix® owner.

Simply make a purchase and the intended receiver of the gift will be contacted by your Thermomix® Advisor, or our customer service.
You pick the gift, we’ll handle the rest to arrange gift wrapping, delivery, unboxing service and cooking lessons.

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