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Thermomix® Singapore MasterChef’s Christmas 2019 eBook

Thermomix® Singapore MasterChef’s Christmas 2019 eBook



Featuring recipes by MasterChef Singapore‘s Nicholas Koh and Shamsydar Ani, who are both Thermomix® users and owners.

Also included in the eBook are recipes that focus on the popular and trending keto diet. All these recipes allow Thermomix® owners to put together restaurant quality dishes using their Thermomix® right in their home kitchen. The keto recipes offer weight friendlier variations to some of the recipes so we can enjoy good food while keeping an eye on our weight.

With Thermomix®, hosting parties at home can be so effortless, because, we can just let our finger tips do the cooking with our Thermomix®.

Get the printed eBook when you join our Christmas workshop led by Sew Chin.


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Recently married, this MasterChef Singapore finalist, full-time photographer, foodie  and avid cook is particularly passionate about baking and cats! A strong believer that love is the food of life, she has branched into food photography recently and also started her food blog! During her free time, she cooks up her signature rempahs for special orders.


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Nicholas is one of the finalist in MasterChef Singapore 2018. A passionate cook, and particularly talented in Asian-style cooking and molecular gastronomy, Nic has been honing his skills further after the MasterChef season 1 ended, with his travels around the world to learn from renown chefs and also running his own private dining business from home.