Thermomix® Singapore : Our Recipe for Success


Since launching smart kitchen all-in-one Thermomix® in Singapore in 2017, Thermomix® Singapore has been steadily building a strong community of users here – executive director JC Lim tells us how they did it.

For many home cooks in Singapore, whipping up a delicious meal might not be possible without Thermomix®, a smart, hands-free kitchen all-in-one that effectively preps, blends, stirs and cooks ingredients.

“We have built the demand from scratch and are pleased to have installed Thermomix® into over 15,000 households in Singapore as people discover the benefits of easier cooking with the appliance,” says Mr JC Lim, executive director of Thermomix® Singapore.

The appliance, an original invention of German manufacturer Vorwerk in 1961, was introduced here in 2017. Since then, the home-grown distributor has reported a compound annual growth rate of 151.4 per cent.

It is no small feat for a company that relies mostly on word of mouth to spread the benefits of the appliance. Mr Lim shares how The Future of Cooking has succeeded in establishing Thermomix® as an indispensable kitchen companion here.

Thermomix® makes healthy eating possible for the busy Singaporean

Regular market surveys conducted by Thermomix® Singapore revealed that a lack of time resulted in an over-reliance on takeouts and processed foods among local households.

“We found that people are looking for an all-in-one cooking appliance that does everything from prepping to self-cleaning. Thermomix®, with its 24 cooking functions and an in-built digital library of over 66,000 recipes that guide users from start to finish, makes the process much simpler and effortless. Thus, we know there is a demand for the product here,” says Mr Lim.

Growing a strong community through a shared love of cooking

The promotion of Thermomix® in Singapore relies mostly on social media and word of mouth. Regular users – who are also ambassadors of the Thermomix® Singapore’s Advisor Programme – host mini Thermomix® cooking sessions with an intimate circle of friends and family in their own homes, Thermomix® cooking studios, or through social media and online platforms like Zoom. This way, its benefits are communicated as a genuine form of bonding ad recreation, which encourages the growth of a tight-knit community of Thermomix® users.

By engaging its own consumers, Thermomix® Singapore also provides employment opportunities to over 2,000 individuals here, a part of which includes homemakers and professional mothers.

Cooking can be a breeze for culinary professionals too

While Thermomix® has garnered a reputation as a reliable kitchen assistant for home cooks, The Future of Cooking has not discounted professionals in the food industry as a market potential – an estimated 15 per cent of its sales are from commercial kitchens.

“We are pleased to partner a range of food supply brands as well as the popular cooking show MasterChef Singapore. Thermomix® is also a tireless kitchen hand in many top restaurants around the world. Acclaimed Singapore establishments such as Waku Ghin, Garibaldi and Burnt Ends have their Thermomix® in their professional kitchens, and companies use it to develop and test recipes before commercial production,” shares Mr Lim.