Thermomix® purchase via Hoolah Debit Card Instalment is now available!

You have heard about Thermomix® but concerned about paying for it in one go. Fret not. You can now purchase the World’s original smart kitchen all-in-one, Thermomix® TM6, using Hoolah’s easy 3 interest-free payments via your debit card. Hoolah is available via in-app and Thermomix® retail purchases. Buy now, pay later. Enjoy the convenience of Easy Cooking and Healthy Eating while having an easier time to pay for it – interest-free.

Contact us to find out more about purchasing Thermomix® via debit card interest-free instalment. Request for a call back from us or book your Thermomix® cooking experience now.

hoolah debit card instalment for thermomix
Buy now, pay later. Hoolah debit card instalment for Thermomix® TM6 Singapore
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