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Dough Cutter/Bowl Scraper

Dough Cutter/Bowl Scraper


A baking bowl scraper, a mixing bowl scraper, a dough cutter, a cake decorator, a tempered chocolate maker. This versatile little green guy is our Recipe Team’s favourite essential tool, especially since we made it bigger, grippier and more flexible than our original best-selling design.

The flexible non-stick curved side of the baking bowl scraper quickly gets every scrap of batter, icing, pastry and dough. Flip over to the straight side and you have the perfect benchtop scraper and ‘how-to’ tool. How to cut and portion your dough. How to cut slits in the top of your rustic home-baked bread. How to temper chocolate like a pro. How to smooth your cake icing and nail the naked cake technique.


  • Super-fast and efficient baking and mixing bowl scraper
  • Bigger and more flexible than our original best-selling bowl scraper
  • Straight side is perfect for cutting pastry and portioning dough
  • Non-stick surface plus textured strip for easy grip
  • This is how to temper chocolate and smooth cake icing like a pro
  • Our Recipe Development team’s favourite tool
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe