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Fraudulent Sales

  • Selling of  Thermomix® TM6 by non-Certified Thermomix® Advisor
  • Thermomix® TM6 is offered at a price different than the prevailing published price by Thermomix® Singapore
  • Thermomix® TM6 is offered with gifts that are different than what is published by Thermomix® Singapore
  • Thermomix® TM6 product information provided is different to what is published by Thermomix® Singapore

Scam Warnings

Thermomix® Purchases on the Internet

You may find various independent offers in online shops to purchase a new Thermomix® . These offers have no connection to Thermomix® in Singapore. Thermomix® Singapore markets Thermomix® through its brand and partner brand channels. A complete Thermomix® Cooking Experience is always recommended – starting from a cooking experience to an unboxing delivery cooking session once the customer decides to purchase a Thermomix®. This ensures our customers benefit from personal 1-to-1 customer service supported by an authorised Thermomix® Advisor throughout their Thermomix® user journey. Some online Thermomix® offers may look very professional, however, Thermomix® does not issue licenses to third parties to use our logos and photos. These are illegally used. Please research any seller who approaches you on the internet before making your purchase. Caution must be taken with online Thermomix® offers, particularly in regard to warranty and personal 1-to-1 Advisor support in Singapore.

Beware of copy cats

You may have come across products/brands that tout themselves as being “as good as Thermomix®“. Be aware that any brand other than Thermomix® is not offered by us. Thermomix® is the first original creator of this category with over 60 years of innovation since its first introduction in 1961. Thermomix® is wholly developed and made in Europe, holding over 151 inventor patents and has built over 12mil users and offers the largest recipe library globally. Being present worldwide offices in over 80 countries and a long history means you can always get technical support for Thermomix® no matter where you are. Ask these questions if you are offered a “copycat” product :-

  1. How long has the brand been around?
  2. Are they the original inventor?
  3. How many users do they have?
  4. Where is the product made?
  5. How many years have they been making the product?
  6. What is their R&D expertise?
  7. How many invention patents do they own?
  8. What safety certifications do they have?
  9. Do you get personal 1-to-1 support ?
  10. Are renowned Michelin and World Best chefs and restaurants using the product? 

There is only one Thermomix® but many “copycats”.

Do not take any risks!

Book your own Cooking Experience with a Thermomix® Advisor or by contacting us. There is no obligation to purchase and you’ll be able to see the various functions of the Thermomix ® TM6 as well as trying to cook and tasting dishes cooked by Thermomix®. Customers also enjoy other unique benefits such as cooking classes, host rewards and free recipes, through their Thermomix® Advisors and via our online Recipe CommunityFacebookInstagram and YouTube pages. Purchasing from an authorised Thermomix®  Advisor registered with Thermomix® Singapore also guarantees the validity of your warranty.

Thermomix® Discounted Price and Group Buy Scam

Thermomix® is never discounted. It retails at a fixed price of $2,550 with a 2 years local warranty in Singapore. If you have been quoted any price lower than $2,550, it is definitely a scam where the seller is attempting to sell a used, refurbished or stolen unit.

All consumers should watch for these signs of possible scam :-

  1. The price is lower than $2,550
  2. An official invoice from Thermomix® Singapore | The Future of Cooking Pte Ltd is not provided
  3. The seller insists on cash payment or direct bank transfer into his/her personal bank account
  4. The product is not shipped from Thermomix® Singapore | The Future of Cooking Pte Ltd
  5. You are made “personal promises” of extra gifts and cash rebates

How to Protect Yourself

In order not to fall victim to one of these scams, we recommend you to contact Thermomix Singapore should you require further support.

Buying Online

You need to be aware of the following when purchasing Thermomix® online.

  1. Thermomix® Singapore is not responsible for any Thermomix® available for purchase on non-brand managed online selling sites – if unclear, please contact Thermomix®
  2. In the event of machines purchased from unauthorized sources arriving damaged or broken, Thermomix® Singapore is not responsible for any machines purchased from unauthorized sources.
  3. Thermomix® Singapore is unable to regulate all prices of Thermomix® sold on unauthorized sites, particularly on auction sites or peer-to-peer shopping sites.
  4. Customers who purchased their Thermomix® from unauthorized channels will not be entitled to receive any cooking and delivery unboxing experiences nor benefits and promotional rewards offered by Thermomix® Singapore.
  5. Any Thermomix® purchased from unauthorized sources will not be entitled to the full set of premiums offered by Thermomix® Singapore
  6. Descriptions of items may be unintentionally or deliberately misleading. Buyers need to be aware that some products may use Thermomix® brand mark in its listing descriptions but may not be a genuine Thermomix® and is not endorsed or affiliated with Thermomix® Singapore.

Buying Local or Overseas

Points to be aware of when considering purchasing Thermomix® sourced from overseas and/or non official channels

  1. You will be subjected to importation GST
  2. Thermomix® purchased overseas are not approved by local regulatory authorities for safe use. All consumer electronic products sold in Singapore are “Safety Mark” labelled with electrical plug that provides approved voltage for use in Singapore.
  3. Non Thermomix®  Singapore machines owners will not be entitled to receive a delivery unboxing cooking experience from a Thermomix® Singapore Advisor. You may not receive assistance and advice when needed.
  4. Non Thermomix®  Singapore customers will not receive a complimentary Singapore edition Basic Cook Book and 7-Days Perfection Recipe booklet/eBook, Cookidoo® trial subscription and pre-embedded “Our Favourites” local recipe collection in Thermomix® TM6.
  5. Non Thermomix®  Singapore customers are not eligible to local host reward gifts
  6. Non Thermomix®  Singapore customers do not enjoy FREE 2-year local warranty support
  7. Non Thermomix® Singapore customers may not receive an instruction manual in their native language
  8. When purchasing overseas, customers should be aware they are responsible for the freight and insurance costs. Shipping individually may result in damage. The total responsibility and cost for repairs is on the purchaser if they buy from overseas

Service and Repairs

Thermomix®  Singapore repair machines in Singapore based on the following :-

  1. Thermomix® Singapore reserves the right not to carry out repairs on machines that have been purchased directly from overseas or on any selling sites.
  2. Owners may need to send their machine back to its original point of purchase for repair
  3. Priority for repairs will be always provided to customers who have purchased their Thermomix®  from Thermomix®  Singapore