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Thermomix® is the product of more than 60 years of German design and innovation. Thermomix® is also Singapore's Fastest growing brand. The multifunctional smart all-in-one Thermomix® TM6 is the perfect kitchen helper for both passionate cooks, professional chefs and people new to cooking.

New Thermomix® Cooking Functions

45-in-1 and growing

The multifunctional all-in-one Thermomix® TM6  is the perfect kitchen assistant for both passionate long-time cooks and people new to cooking.

In addition to the existing functions of stirring, mixing, grinding, kneading, whisking, chopping, weighing, cooking, steaming, simmering and emulsifying, the new Thermomix® TM6 offers over 30 functions to transform favourite dishes with even lesser effort into restaurant quality dishes. For meat-lovers, up to 160 degree celsius in the High Temperature cooking mode creates an additional taste dimension with caramelising browning and an incredible aroma while cooking. The Sous Vide function with up to 12 hours and to the degree heat setting, is perfect for cooking particularly tender and juicy meat, fish and vegetables. Bakers will particularly appreciate the new built-in weighing scale with 1g accuracy. For melt-in-the-mouth meat, the Slow Cooking function with the Blade Cover Peeler, allows gentle cooking up to 8 hours, in addition to also peeling vegetables. Sugar stages cooking mode means dishes that requires caramelising sugar is now possible from the all-in-one Thermomix® TM6. Even cleaning up is now a breeze with customised cleaning options to support dedicated washing up required after different types of food preparation and cooking.


is for everyone!

Whether you are new to cooking, an accomplished cook or a professional chef, Thermomix® will inspire you to expand your cooking repertoire, try new recipes and take control of your kitchen. With our innovative guided cooking feature and reliable recipes, it’s never been easier to cook amazing food!

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On November 27th, 2021, our international Thermomix® community came together to set a Guinness World Record of “The most videos of people cooking uploaded to Facebook in one hour”. We had a total of more than 3000 videos uploaded in one hour!

Thermomix has broken a Guinness World Record!