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Thermomix® Rasa Nyonya Taste of Peranakan Cookbook TM5 | TM6

Thermomix® Rasa Nyonya Taste of Peranakan Cookbook TM5 | TM6



Peranakan food is one of Southeast Asia’s most interesting cuisines and primarily found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Authentic Peranakan food is getting increasing rare and very expensive due to mainly 2 reasons – most dishes are based on a rempah (spice mix) which are traditionally laborious and take hours to prepare, and, the loss of recipes in this traditionally hand-me-down cuisine over time as recipes are consider treasures and fiercely guarded by Peranakan matriarchs and passed down secretively only to favoured family members.

Rasa Nyonya, Taste of Peranakan is a cookbook that features 65 quintessential Peranakan dishes, capturing the essence of the unique and flavourful cuisine of the Peranakan people, also known as the Baba-Nyonya community. You can now effortlessly recreate traditional Peranakan tastes with your Thermomix® at home, following the step-by-step instructions in this cookbook.

The cookbook is a treasure trove of authentic and delicious recipes passed down through generations and now shared with the world.

☑️ 65 quintessential Peranakan dishes
☑️ Over 200 pages of beautiful photography
☑️ Bilingual
☑️ Introduction to essential Baba Nyonya ingredients and cooking tools
☑️ 7 categories of dishes :
☑️ Sauces & Condiments
☑️ Soups
☑️ Fish & Seafood
☑️ Side Dishes
☑️ Noodle & Rice Dishes  
☑️ Meat & Poultry
☑️ Snacks & Finger Food


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