How to make Castella Cake and Meatball Stew

Castella was originally developed in Japan. The Castella cake commonly found in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia are similar to those found in Taiwan with a springy and moist texture. The castella cake is very popular amongst Asians and especially young children. You can variate this basic recipe to make different flavoured castella cakes – green tea, Earl Grey, Gula Melaka, honey, cheese, chocolate and more!

Watch this tutorial and learn the method to make pillowy soft castella cake, also called 古早味蛋糕, with your Thermomix!

Also included in this tutorial is a One-pot meatball stew – suitable for those busy days when you have to rush to get a meal done. This fuss-free recipe is good for the entire family – add some vegetables like carrots and cauliflower to add plant nutrients and fibre into the dish too.

Free Thermomix Tutorial : How to make Castella Cake and Meatball stew using your Thermomix TM6

Taiwanese Castella Cake

Ingredients : Cake

6 eggs, room temperature (yolks and white to be separated)
60g oil
90g cake flour (sifted)
60g milk1/2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
75g caster sugar

Ingredient / Tools needed : Water bath

500g hot water (between 70 to 80°C, not boiling hot)
Line the base of a 7 inch square or round tin with baking paper.
Preheat oven to 140°C for at least 10 mins with the baking rack to be at the lowest shelf of the oven.

Directions : Egg yolk batter
1. Add 60g oil into mixing bowl. Heat up 2 mins / 100°C / speed spoon.
2. Insert Butterfly whisk into mixing bowl. Add sifted cake flour and mix 1 min / speed 3.
3. Add in milk, vanilla extract (if using) and egg yolks. Mix 40 sec / speed 3.
4. Remove Butterfly whisk, keep egg yolk batter in the mixing bowl with the lid on to retain heat from the bowl and to prevent the batter from drying out.
NOTE: If you are using only 1 mixing bowl, transfer egg yolk batter to a separate large bowl and cover with cling wrap.
Wash Butterfly whisk and mixing bowl, and ensure they are completely dry and free of oil.

Directions : Meringue
1. Insert Butterfly into a clean and dry mixing bowl. Add 6 egg whites and 40g caster sugar. Beat 3 mins / speed 2.5.
2. Add the remaining 35g caster sugar into the beaten egg whites and continue to beat 4 mins / speed
3. Remove measuring cup to incorporate as much air as possible.
NOTE: Meringue is ready when you hold the mixing bowl upside down and the meringue does not slide down. If it starts to slide down, beat for another 30 secs to 1 min.

Directions : Folding of egg yolk batter and meringue
1. Transfer egg yolk batter into a large bowl.
2. Add 1/3 of the meringue into the egg yolk batter and gently mix with a balloon whisk.
3. Add half of the remaining meringue into the mixture and fold gently with a spatula until well mixed with a few white streaks. Then, add the rest of the meringue and fold gently with spatula until the mixture is smooth and free of any white streaks from the meringue.
4. Pour the ready batter into the prepared 7 inch tin. Place tin onto a tray or bigger cake tn and add 500g hot water to the larger tray or tin for the water bath. Bake at lowest shelf of the oven for 60 mins at 140°C (or 150c depending on oven)
5. When cake is baked, drop the cake tin from a height for 3 times onto the table (place a small cloth to protect your table). This step prevents the cake from shrinking.
Let cake cool slightly in the tin for 2 to 3 mins before removing.
Keeping the cake in the tin for too long may also cause shrinkage.

Enjoy it warm or chilled.

Cookidoo link (Chinese)
Note: Our demo reduced the 2nd meringue whisking time from 6min to 4min

Wholesome Meatball Stew
Ingredients : Meatballs
oil spray, to grease
100g natural almonds
1 tbsp dried Italian herbs
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 egg
500g beef, minced

Ingredients :Tomato Stew

1 onion (150g), halved
2 garlic cloves
1/2 red capsicum, cut into pieces
30g extra virgin olive oil
800g fresh tomatoes, quartered
200g button mushrooms, halved
100g tomato paste (optional)
2 tbsp chicken stock powder or chicken stock paste
2 tsp dried Italian herbs
1 tsp honey
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
150g water

Serving / Plating
2 yellow or green large zucchini, cut into long strips (ie zucchini noodles or zoodles)
Shaved parmesan and gluten-free bread (optional), to serve

Directions : Meatballs

1. Lightly grease Varoma dish and tray.
2. Place almonds, herbs, salt and pepper in mixing bowl, then mill 10 sec / speed 10.
3. Add egg and mince, then combine 10 sec / speed 5. With damp hands, shape mixture into 3 cm wide meatballs and divide between Varoma dish and tray. Set Varoma aside. Clean and dry mixing bowl.

Directions : Tomato Stew

1. Place onion, garlic and capsicum in mixing bowl, then chop 3 sec / speed 5.
2. Add oil and cook 3 min / 100°C / speed 1.
3. Add tomato and chop 6 sec / speed 10.
4. Add mushrooms and chop 3 sec / speed 5.
5. Add tomato paste, 150g water, stock powder or paste, herbs, honey and vinegar. Place Varoma with meatballs into position and secure Varoma lid, then steam 20 to 25 mins / Varoma / Reverse / Speed 2 or until meatballs are cooked. Place meatballs in a ThermoServer or other dish and cover to keep warm.

Serving / Plating

1. Place the zoodles in Varoma dish and secure Varoma lid, then cook 3 to 5 mins / Varoma / Reverse / Speed 2 or until the zoodles are cooked.
Divide zoodles and meatballs between serving bowls, then top with tomato soup and shaved parmesan.
Serve with some bread rolls

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