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TM6 Accessories

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  • TM6 Mixing Bowl

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  • TM6 Splash Guard

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  • Out of stockThermomix Blade Cover for TM5/TM6

    Thermomix® Blade Cover (TM6 | TM5)

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  • Out of stockThermomix TM6 complete bowl

    Thermomix® TM6 Complete Mixing Bowl Set

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  • TM5/TM6 Blade Sealing Ring

    Blade Sealing Ring TM5 | TM6

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  • TM6 Mixing Bowl Base

    TM6 Mixing Bowl Base

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  • TM6 Simmering Basket with Lid

    TM6 Simmering Basket with Lid

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  • TM6 Spatula

    TM6 Spatula

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  • Out of stockTM6 Mixing Knife

    TM6 Mixing Knife

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  • TM6 Measuring Cup

    TM6 Measuring Cup

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  • TM5/TM6 Varoma Receptacle (Bottom)

    TM5/TM6 Varoma Receptacle (Bottom)

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  • Varoma Tray (Middle) for TM5/TM6/TM31

    Varoma Tray (Middle)

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