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Thermomix® TM6

Thermomix® TM6


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Thermomix® TM6 is the World’s bestselling smart kitchen all-in-one one unit sold every 23 seconds globally!
New! View in AR (augmented reality). Test it now in your kitchen. Imagine how much neater your kitchen will be with the Thermomix®!

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Thermomix® TM6 is a culinary technological innovation that has over 30 kitchen functions and a vast online recipe platform, Cookidoo®, that seamlessly integrates access to thousands of tried and tested guided recipes, you’ll be inspired to be more creative in the kitchen while enjoying the entire cooking process and having more time for other things that matter!  What’s more amazing is, the fully digital Thermomix® is an IOT (Internet of Thing) device that is always connected to the Internet to deliver more recipes, new updates and functionalities to your Thermomix®. It keeps getting smarter and better on its own to give you more value over time!

Thermomix® is more than a kitchen appliance – it’s an ever-expanding universe of recipes, online and offline communities and essential resources to help you get even more out of your Thermomix®. Whether it’s a vegan, vegetarian or meat-based meal, or a customised diet to avoid allergens, Thermomix® TM6 can help people new to cooking by quickly and easily whip up delicious dishes that look and taste like they were cooked by professionals. For cooking enthusiasts, Thermomix® lets you do more in shorter time, keep your hands free, while elevating your food with cooking processes that are normally too tedious. Traditional tastes are maintained with precise instructions in our guided cooking recipes and cookbooks.

Find out more about what is Thermomix® and why One unit is sold every 23 seconds around the world. The many functions and benefits of cooking with a Thermomix®. Read what Chefs and personalities who are Thermomix® users have to say about why they love using Thermomix®!

You’ll never run out of ideas on what to cook when you own a Thermomix®! Get more cooking ideas by watching out Cooking Videos and Tutorials by Thermomix® Experts. Or sign up for Cookidoo® to gain access to thousands of tried and tested guided cooking recipes from all around the world! Transfer your tastebuds to anywhere in the world through food journeys where you cook authentic tasting Italian, South American, Szechuan, Indian and more global dishes anytime from your kitchen!  If you love flipping beautiful dish photos before deciding what you want to cook, you must check out our Cookbook collection.

Thermomix® TM6 是全球最畅销的多功能智能厨具——全球每 23 秒就售出一台!
Thermomix® TM6 是烹饪技术的一项创举,拥有超过 30 种厨房功能和庞大的在线食谱平台 Cookidoo®,收集了上千万道的食谱,您将在享受整个烹饪过程的同时在厨房中获得更多创意灵感并有更多时间处理其他重要的事情!更令人惊艳的是,数码的 Thermomix® 持续连接互联网, 为您的 Thermomix® 同步提供更多食谱、更新的功能。随着时间,它也不断变得更智能、更优秀,为您提供更多价值! Thermomix® 不仅仅是一台厨房用具——它还会不断扩大食谱库、甚至可以在线和离线提供基础资源,帮助您在使用 Thermomix® 的同时获得更多益处。无论是纯素食、素食或肉类餐食,还是避免过敏原的定制饮食,Thermomix® TM6 都可以帮助刚入手烹饪的朋友快速轻松地制作出视觉和味觉都像专业人士烹制的美味菜肴。对于烹饪爱好者,Thermomix® 让您的双手解放出来,以便在更短的时间内做更多的事情,同时通过通常过于乏味的烹饪过程提升您的食物。我们的引导式烹饪食谱和食谱中的精确说明始终能为您保持了每道食谱的传统口味。

了解更多有关 Thermomix® 的内容以及为什么全球每23秒售出 1 台。使用 Thermomix® 烹饪的许多功能和好处。阅览 Thermomix® 用户的名厨和名人叙述他们为什么喜欢使用 Thermomix® 的看法!

当您拥有 Thermomix® 时,您将永远不会缺乏烹饪的灵感!观看 Thermomix® 专业用户的烹饪视频和教程,获得更多烹饪灵感,或注册 Cookidoo® 以获取上千万来自世界各地的多道食谱!通过美食之旅带着您的味蕾游览世界各地,您可以随时随地在厨房烹制正宗的意大利、南美、四川、印度和更多不同国际的菜肴!如果您喜欢在决定要烹煮哪道菜肴之前翻动漂亮的菜肴照片,您必须查看我们的食谱专辑系列。

TM6是一个革命性的现代烹饪模式。通过在线食谱平台,Cookidoo®,来自世界各地的食谱瞬间展示在Thermomix®TM6的触摸屏上,世界级料理就在弹指之间。探索Cookidoo®上千万道的食谱,以及我们社区和烹饪书中的更多食谱。 Thermomix® 不仅是一个厨房设备–它不断扩展的食谱、在线和离线社区以及基本资源,可帮助您更充分地利用您的Thermomix®。无论是素食还是肉食,Thermomix® TM6都能快速、方便地制作出像专业烹饪一样的美味菜肴,帮助到那些不熟悉 的人。

Thermomix® TM6 comes with a Varoma® steaming attachment, measuring cup, simmering basket with lid, splash guard, butterfly whisk, spatula and The Basic Cookbook.