What is Thermomix® ?

Who says the perfect cookware doesn’t exist? With the right kind of cookware, your journey in the kitchen can go a long way, all the while making the process of cooking super fun and easy! That’s where Thermomix® comes into play. An all-in-one multi purpose cookware that’s not only easy to use but also caters to both beginner cooks and experts alike. This smart kitchen appliance has now transformed into a need and not a want, with technology advancement growing at a rapid speed, soon the Thermomix® multifunction appliance will be seen in every kitchen as a common cookware.

The Thermomix® multifunctional cookware is more than just a fancy kitchen appliance. With its various functions, its capabilities goes far beyond the kitchen. It is an always connected smart internet-of-things (IOT) device. Imagine getting more cooking and kitchen features and functions through over-the-air software updates like your mobile phone!

With the all purpose Thermomix®, you can even use it to make household remedies and non food items such as making non-toxic playdough for your children, scrubs and even a dish cleaner!

Through this short article, find out what Thermomix® is all about from the history of Thermomix® to its functions and benefits, reviews as well as where you can get yourself a Thermomix® all-in-one multi-cooker!

  1. What is Thermomix®?
  2. The History of Thermomix®
  3. Benefits of Thermomix®
  4. Functions of Thermomix®
  5. Thermomix User Testimonial®

What is Thermomix®?

To start off, Thermomix® is the world’s smartest, one-of-a-kind kitchen all-in-one multi-cooker. It is a multifunctional cookware which incorporates over 45 cooking functions and modes, reduces your task load by handling the most tedious parts of cooking for you. To top it all off, it also comes with a built-in library with over 90,000 step-by-step recipes. And best of all, with each and every new recipe input from its database, the Thermomix® device effortlessly updates itself wirelessly, ensuring that it’s ready to use anytime for its owner, hassle-free.

Now with its newly integrated TM6, this award-winning Cookidoo® allows complete access and control over its ever growing list of over 90,000 recipes to keep you inspired on a daily basis for every meal! From ingredient shopping to meal planning and seeking out new cooking inspirations, you can count on the Thermomix® TM6 for anything and everything to do with cooking.

We are who we are today, a smart internet-of-thing, a staple in every kitchen, through our continuous effort in seeking to improve and perfecting the Thermomix® multifunction appliance. With thousands of recipes available online and in Thermomix® online recipe library, Cookidoo®, Thermomix® recipes are developed and shared by real every day users, as well as, some of the world’s leading chefs cooking in Michelin and World’s Best rated restaurants, every day around the world.

The History of Thermomix®

To give you a brief summary on how Thermomix® came about, the concept was first founded in Germany when a mother was seeking for an appliance which was able to grind food into small pieces and at the same time, came with an ability to cook. When HansJörg Gerber, the founder of Thermomix® noticed this problem, he was determined to find a solution to it. Thus in 1963, a blender which was able to provide heating benefits was introduced as the first ever Thermomix® cookware. Since then, we strive to keep on improving and get better at what we do.

With a history of over 60 years of innovation, the blender which came with a heating benefit became far more than what it was back then. Since the first ever blender with heating was introduced, we have continuously spent the last 60 years coming up with new innovations and transforming the blender into what it is today, a smart kitchen all-in-one multi-cooker, TM6.

Since its development in 1960, Thermomix® has taken over Europe by storm with its innovative and revolutionary invention. From that moment on, Thermomix® began growing in terms of popularity all across the world and has now finally reached Asia. Today, Thermomix® is found in millions of kitchens worldwide. Every 23 seconds, at least 1 Thermomix® appliance is sold. 

Thermomix® is now the fastest growing brand in Asia and it will only continue to grow and get better. From a cookware that was only equipped with 15 functions when it first launched, the Thermomix® TM6 is now equipped with over 30 kitchen functions. With each passing day, newer and smarter upgrades will be continuously added onto TM6 to create even more value to its owners.

The Thermomix® multifunction appliances are manufactured in a manufacturing plant by Vorwerk in France where our engineers tirelessly and constantly seeking space for improvement, to continue to innovate and keep Thermomix® at the forefront of technological advancements and as the top appliances for smart kitchens. Meanwhile, we have dedicated chefs all around the world work hand in hand with us in developing new recipes all the while writing new cookbooks that are specifically tailored  to bring only the best cuisines from all across the globe to the homes of Thermomix® users.

With a vast history of over 60 years, you can now observe and experience for yourself the changes of innovation with your very own eyes! Come and explore with us a whole new cooking experience with Thermomix® in our advisor-led session here today!

Benefits of Thermomix®

With over thousands of tried and tested recipes from all around the world by its fervently cooking community and renowned chefs, Thermomix® will inspire your daily meals and help you save time with easy to follow recipes that are often successful. Cookidoo®, it’s digital recipe library, allows users to sync and even store their own recipes. Following Cookidoo recipes step-by-step to cook in the Thermomix®, ensures cooking success every time while leaving the mundane cooking preparation and process to it, so you can be hands-free to focus on other parts of cooking or things at home that matters.

Not only does Thermomix® multifunctional appliances comprise a large library of recipes from worldwide, it also takes out the struggle in making healthy and delicious dishes! Whether you are a beginner chef who is trying to prepare everyday dishes faster or have a taste of new dishes, a family person who is trying to produce quality meals for your family, an expert cook or professional chef who is trying to create delicate dishes that requires precision, the Thermomix® all-in-one multi-cooker is the perfect appliance for everyone as it is made to be able to cater to everyone’s cooking needs. Find out more about the benefits of using Thermomix® here.

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The Thermomix® eco-system

Functions of Thermomix®

In addition to its 15 functions from when it was first launched, the new Thermomix® TM6 now offers additional functions in the effort of getting you a step closer to your favourite dishes with less effort. This multifunctional multi-cooker with over 45 cooking functions and modes has become a trusty cooking assistant in every household for both beginner cooks and experts alike. With over 60 years of innovation, users are now able to witness the changes of Thermomix® over time.

Furthermore, in addition to over 45 cooking functions and modes, Thermomix® is constantly improving and adding in more functions as the time goes. You can find more on how to operate over its multiple functions and modes here complete with videos to perfectly showcase and guide users through how its functions work.

Thermomix® User Testimonial

Get to know better what the hype around Thermomix® is all about for yourself from real users. With all the new cooking, diet and food trends such as low carbs, paleo, clean eating and more, not only is Thermomix® able to reflect this in our TM6 but we even manage to execute it exceptionally well according to our users. Hear from them here and make your decision in owning a Thermomix cookware today.

Visit our Thermomix® Singapore Youtube channel, check out the cooking videos, watch reviews and testimonials from everyday and celebrity users, on why you should own a Thermomix® TM6 and how you could maintain it in good condition for years to come. Once you give this smart always connected all-in-one kitchen appliance a try, you’ll never go back! With innovation propelling us forward, you can look forward to what it has to offer in the future . We won’t be stopping at just 45 cooking functions and modes as the Thermomix® keeps getting better on its own! As cooking, diet and food trends continue to evolve, the Thermomix® TM6 will continue to improve to adapt to the ever changing consumer trends and needs when it comes to cooking and diets.

Get yourself a Thermomix® TM6 here. Upon purchase, a 2 year local warranty will be included along with a personal Thermomix® Advisor service support for unboxing and cooking lessons. You will also be able to get access to a lifetime of free recipes and cooking tips published under in Thermomix® website. From meal planning to ingredient shopping, to chopping, cooking, and cleaning, the all functional smart kitchen cookware, TM6™ will always have your back so you can effortlessly create the perfect meal, every time without fail. 

Thermomix® TM6, an all in one smart kitchen multi purpose cooker that transforms everyone into meal heroes, inspires endless cooking inspiration, brings families and loved ones together through the love of food and cooking together, and enables everyone to cook.

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