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Thermomix Durian Mochi Mooncakes

Durian Mochi Mooncake

Mochi snow skin is the in-trend mooncake skin this year for #makeyourown mooncakes. We challenge you to elevate your mooncakes to another level by adding fruit fillings! We've gone for the 👑 king of fruits - durian! Whether you're camp MSW, D24, D13 or red prawn, you can choose the type you like for 💯 delish durian mooncakes wrapped in the QQ chewy mochi skin. Check out these instructions to make your own durian mochi mooncakes this year with your Thermomix.

Crunchy Chocolate Chips Cookies

Here's our favourite Thermomix® chocolate chips cookies that taste crunchy like store-bought ones. 😉 Sprinkle some sea salt to enhance the chocolate flavour. This recipe produces super crunchy cookies that will be impossible to stop once you start popping them into your mouth! It's very quick and easy to mix these with your Thermomix®.