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meal planning with Thermomix

How to Meal Plan with Thermomix®

Ever have a blank mind when it comes to what to cook - especially when you are in a hurry to get meals done? Fret not. It's more common than you think and happens frequently to busy people who are constantly multi-tasking to get more done at the same time. Use the Cookidoo® mobile app for easy meal planning and versatile shopping for the required ingredients while you're on the go. Planning makes little goes a long way and is one of the best way to help us stick to our food budget. A few key strategies (for example, planning meals based on the ingredients we already have in our kitchen, buying produce in season, and making freezer-friendly meals in bulk) can reduce our weekly spend, as well as limit food waste.

Cookidoo® 3.0 is Now Available!

Cookidoo® saves us so much time thanks to the ability to browse, plan, shop and cook our favourite recipes all on the same platform. Not to mention the ease of actually cooking with step-by-step recipe prompts on-screen and pre-set time,…