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The Cookidoo® App will now be available from 1 November 2022, to Thermomix® users in Singapore!​ This new touchpoint complements and improves the user experience on Cookidoo®.

Cookidoo app
Cookidoo® app
How does it work?
  • Download the free mobile app for iPhones from Apple App Store and for Android devices from Google Play Store
  • Enjoy a consistent experience with the website in terms of functionalities and content from the mobile App
  • Search what you want to cook, plan your weekly menu, buy ingredients from the Shopping List and cook your favourite meals​
  • All recipes, editorials, thematic pages, recommendations conveniently accessible on your phone ​
  • Faster loading time​
  • Use of native functionalities of the mobile device​ (eg. photo upload to Create recipe
  • Options for personalisation (settings, push notifications, etc.)​
  • Use of offline Shopping List
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iPhone App from Apple App Store
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Google App for Android Devices
Try out Cookidoo®

Cookidoo® is the world’s largest guided cooking digital recipe library. Recipes you like, bookmarked and saved will be synchronised into your own Thermomix® device so you can always cook the dishes you like directly with guided prompts from your Thermomix®.

Download the app for iOS or Android devices here ⬇

Download the App from Apple App Store

Download the App from Google Play

Experience Thermomix®

The best way to explore Thermomix® is through an in-person cooking experience.
You and your loved ones can touch and feel, try cooking with Thermomix® and taste the food cooked!
Book your free and obligations-free personal Thermomix® Cooking Experience now.
You can book an in-person session at our office, your home at any date/time you prefer; or choose to attend a fixed session that runs during week days at 2pm (except Public Holidays) at one of our Cooking Studios.

Host & be Rewarded

You can host a cooking experience in your home, your Advisor’s home or in one of our Cooking Studios or simply recommend Thermomix® to your friends and be rewarded. Read more about our Host Reward Programme here.

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