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Cookidoo® Served 2023 is back! Share & Win Cookidoo® access!

You loved sharing your food milestones with family and friends last year, so we’re excited to announce that Cookidoo® Served is back! This mobile-only snapshot of your Cookidoo® activity is a fascinating insight into the journey you’ve taken with food over the past 12 months. Can you believe Thermomix® users have prepared over 369 million recipes adding up to over 356 million kilos of food and used 5,800 different ingredients?
Thermomix White Lotus Paste Recipe

White Lotus Paste for Mooncakes

Lotus seed paste is made from dried lotus seeds and traditionally considered a luxurious ingredient for mooncakes - especially the traditional baked variety. In recent times, ready made lotus pastes are available from baking supplies stores with a variety of flavours such as chocolate, green tea, pu'er, coffee that use lotus paste as a base. During the mid-autumn season, mooncakes can cost up to $20 per piece, but it's so easy, economical and healthier to make our own with our Thermomix® as we can adjust the flavours, sweetness to suit our tastebuds and use special ingredients if there are specific dietary concerns. Here's our tried and tested Thermomix® recipe for you to make your own Lotus Paste. Try it! You'll love it.
Ramadan eBooks for Thermomix®

Two Thermomix® Ramadan e-Books

Ramadan Mubarak Why stress over meals for breaking fast during Ramadhan or dishes to cook for Raya? With Thermomix, you can leave the heavy weigh kitchen chores to it and focus on more relaxing chores like meal planning during the annual fasting month so our loved ones eat better while we have an easier time. With the Double Bowl promotion extended due to popular demand, we are gifting you 2 eBooks and 41 recipes! These delicious recipes are perfect for Eid Ramadan, made even easier with the use of Thermomix®.
Thermomix X Singapore Cancer Society Donation Drive

The Thermomix® Cookathon with Singapore Cancer Society

In recognition of Women's Day, Thermomix® is working with Singapore Cancer Society this March to raise awareness for women's health and wellbeing as well as raising funds to support needy cancer patients. Timely health screening can maximise lives. Cancer is the number one cause of death in Singapore and accounts for 1 in 3 deaths in the total Singapore population. 1

Thermomix® Christmas E-Book 2022

Christmas is about spending quality time with your loved ones. Make your Christmasextra special this year with our collection of 12 delicious recipes that are perfect for the occasion.After all, cooking is Love Made Visible. Made easy with Thermomix® 圣诞节是与您所爱的人共度美好时光。通过我们的系列,让您今年的圣诞节更加…