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Thermomix® Mochi SnowSkin Mooncake Bunnies

Mochi Snow Skin Mooncakes

Do you dislike snow skin mooncakes' raw flour taste? You must try this recipe where we cook the dough into mochi and shape them into beautiful snow skin mooncakes. This recipe allows you to be as creative as you want - making traditional single colour, or multi-colour mooncakes and even free style ones in shapes of cute bunnies!

Thermomix® Host Reward Catalogue

An Ideal way to get to know the Thermomix® By hosting a Thermomix® Cooking Experience, you and a few friends can have fun with hands-on cooking using the smart Thermomix® while enjoying a delicious meal you’ve cooked together. Organise your…

Thermomix® Cooking Experience Menu

With 80,000 recipes on Cookidoo® and 4 demo menus, there’s no better way to discover how Thermomix® can cook just the way you wanted – for your loved ones. With Thermomix®, It’s always a joy to cook because it’s so…