The Thermomix® Cookathon with Singapore Cancer Society

In recognition of Women’s Day, Thermomix® is working with Singapore Cancer Society this March to raise awareness for women’s health and wellbeing as well as raising funds to support needy cancer patients. Timely health screening can maximise lives. Cancer is the number one cause of death in Singapore and accounts for 1 in 3 deaths in the total Singapore population. 1

Most Common Cancers in Singaporean Women are2

  1. Breast
  2. Colorectal
  3. Lung
cancer stats piechart 060123
Singapore Cancer Statistic Gender Pie Chart. Source : National Cancer Centre Singapore
cancer stats infographic 060123
Singapore Cancer Statistics Infographic. Source : National Cancer Centre Singapore

An estimated 40% of cancers are preventable. Some steps everyone can take to reduce the risk of cancer include adopting a healthy lifestyle, vaccination to reduce the risk of virus-mediated cancer, and regular health screening which is helpful in detecting abnormalities in people without symptoms, allowing for early intervention as cancer treatment is most effective when the cancer is discovered in its early stages.3

Join us this March to cook and raise awareness on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes healthier eating with home cooked food. When we cook at home for our loved ones, we can avoid unnecessary additives and processed food that are low in nutrition. Thermomix® makes it easier to cook healthier food. We are also raising funds for needy cancer patients and contributing to fund life-saving health screening programmes where Singapore Cancer Society offers health screening services for free to eligible individuals.

Learn how to save time, effort and money when you cook with your Thermomix® at home.

❤️ Make a direct donation to Singapore Cancer Society via or purchase a Thermomix® with an Extra Bowl or a Referral Bowl for existing owners.

100% of Thermomix® Extra Bowl sales proceeds will be donated to Singapore Cancer Society.

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Thermomix® X Singapore Cancer Society Donation Drive

Sources : 1&2 Singapore Cancer Registry and 3 National Cancer Centre Singapore

Take care of your health by going for regular health screening. Early cancer detection during health screenings can maximise lives as early intervention with appropriate treatments can help treat many forms of cancer. Living a healthier lifestyle of regular exercise, better diet of whole food rather than processed food are also key factors in cancer prevention. Just 150 minutes of moderate activity per week can reduce the risk of cancer!

scs health screening services
Source : Singapore Cancer Society Free Health Screening Services

Health lifestyle of regular exercising, better eating habits are key to living well. Take care of your family’s diet by cooking healthier food at home. It’s easy and effortless to cook a wide variety of dishes. Stay inspired with limitless possibilities on Cookidoo® – the World’s largest digital library of guided cooking recipes. You can even save your own recipes in Cookidoo® so everyone can cook their favourite dishes at home anytime with your Thermomix®! We advocate healthier lifestyle made easier.

Search these key words for thousands of healthier recipes in Cookidoo – “healthy”, “sugar free”, “gluten free”, “low fat”, “low carbs”, “vegan”, “salad”, “juice”, “smoothie”, “green” and more.

obese stats
Source : Ministry of Health & Singapore Cancer Society


Thermomix® Singapore inspiring women’s stories

Mandy Kee Story: Through her routine pap smear check, Mandy discovered her diagnosis earlier on, preventing further health complications. Her advice to all ladies, to remember to go for your health screening regularly. Early prevention is better than cure.

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