Thermomix® Christmas E-Book 2022

Christmas is about spending quality time with your loved ones. Make your Christmas
extra special this year with our collection of 12 delicious recipes that are perfect for the occasion.
After all, cooking is Love Made Visible. Made easy with Thermomix®

圣诞节是与您所爱的人共度美好时光。通过我们的系列,让您今年的圣诞节更加 特别12 种适合这种场合的美味食谱。毕竟,烹饪是让爱可见。Thermomix® 让一切变得简单。

784190 champagne berry trifle potrait min
Thermomix® Singapore – Christmas Berry Trifle / 圣诞浆果松糕
622203 aligot cheesy mashed potato potrait min
Thermomix® Singapore – Aligot / 拉丝土豆泥
Thermomix® Singapore – Gingerbread Milkshake / 姜饼奶昔
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