Cookidoo® Served 2023 is back! Share & Win Cookidoo® access!

Cookidoo® Served 2023: Your Favourite Recipe Round-Up Is Back!

You loved sharing your food milestones with family and friends last year, so we’re excited to announce that Cookidoo® Served is back! This mobile-only snapshot of your Cookidoo® activity is a fascinating insight into the journey you’ve taken with food over the past 12 months.

Can you believe Thermomix® users have prepared over 369 million recipes adding up to over 356 million kilos of food and used 5,800 different ingredients? 😲

Let Cookidoo® Served 2023 help you look back on your Thermomix® cooking journey, discover your family’s favourite recipes, and set your goals for the upcoming year.

SHARE your Cookidoo® Served infographics on your social feeds and WIN Cookidoo access for 6 months FREE!
To view your Cookidoo® Served infographics, go to the Cookidoo® app* on your mobile device, scroll down and click Cookidoo® Served Discover. You’ll see info cards with interesting details of how you have been cooking with your Thermomix® such as the ingredient you used the most, the total number of recipes used, the total amount of food you have cooked and a ranking of your favourite recipes and more!

*Cookidoo® Served feature is available till end of 2023 and only viewable on your Cookidoo® mobile app. Download your Cookidoo® app here.

The contest on till 31 Dec 2023 23:59.

How to join

  1. Screen capture your Cookidoo® Served Infographics from your Cookidoo® Mobile App
  2. Post your image(s)/video in the feed of your own Facebook / IG / TikTok page
  3. Be sure to tag us at @thermomixSG and add hashtag #CookidooServedSG so that we can find your post
  4. If unsure, DM us a link of your post
  5. Winners will win a Cookidoo® access pass for 6 months
  6. The contest is open to all from 18 till 31 December 23:59
  7. We will pick the winners at random and announce on 3 Jan 2024
  8. Good luck!

If you have missed out on Cookidoo® Served this year, remember to update your Thermomix®, so you can get your fun Cookidoo® Served infographics in 2024

for TM6 
Update your consent and personalise your Cookidoo® experience
Get personalised recipe recommendations on Cookidoo®

for TM5
Connect Cook-Key to the Internet
Go to Settings / Privacy / Diagnostics and Usage on TM5
Select “Personalise your Cookidoo® Experience”.

Download Cookidoo® mobile app for Apple iOS or Android here.

Renew your Cookidoo® subscription here.

About Cookidoo®
Cookidoo® is the world’s largest connected guided cooking recipe library. Users can access to a growing list of over 90,000 recipes that are triple tried and tested for cooking success by Thermomix global recipe community. Create your cooking preferences and have curated recipe suggestions to achieve your cooking goals of being more creative, eating more veggies , cooking easier dishes, or cooking more traditional food. Enhance your user experience by setting your filters to browse recipes from your favourite countries in your preferred languages. Optimise your pantry by searching for ingredients you have at home and maximise savings by pooling ingredients you plan to cook for the week ahead together to make shopping a breeze and to reduce wastage. We support healthier home cooked dishes and reduction of food waste! Use the latest Scale feature to upsize or downsize your cooking portions.

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