Say Hello to Scaled Recipes on Cookidoo®!

At Thermomix®, we always aim to make your cooking experience more enjoyable, while cooking healthier, smarter and quicker. Now we are taking your Cookidoo® experience to the next level.

Introducing a new and exciting feature to Cookidoo®, a feature that a lot of our customers have wished for a long time: Scaling recipes! Coming your way from 25 October 2022 onwards*!

Food waste is a growing concern in our society and by making small changes in everyday cooking habits we can minimise the waste we produce and our impact on the environment. With the new scaling function, you can now scale your recipes to the portion sizes you need!

How does it work?
  • Pick tested serving sizes from Cookidoo®
    Recipe developers worldwide have expertly tested the recipe serving sizes for a selection of the most cooked and loved Cookidoo® recipes and have auto scaled portions for you to choose – in larger or smaller portions. These recipes come with the Thermomix® success guarantee.

  • Scale your favourite recipes yourself!
    You can take any recipe from Cookidoo® and pick from the scale options we are giving you. These recipes then end up in your own created recipes list for further editing or personalization. These recipe come without Thermomix® success guarantee

Key things to take note:
  • The scaling option is only available for official Cookidoo® recipes and not for user-created ones. To scale user-created recipes, you may wish to customise your ingredient quantities in Created Recipes to tailor to your needs. Find out more about Created recipes here.
  • The Scaling Function and Created Recipes is only available for users with a Cookidoo® 3.0 account. Check your account details in profile.
  • Always keep the capacity of the mixing bowl/the Varoma ® in mind. (2.2L). Never go over the maximum capacity in the mixing bowl/the Varoma® – especially when you are using high temperature and/or speed.
  • Please refer to your Thermomix® instruction manual for further reference.
  • Baking recipes(preparing dough) are generally set up for one baking tray/one form.

Try out Cookidoo®

Cookidoo® is the world’s largest guided cooking digital recipe library. Recipes you like, bookmarked and saved will be synchronised into your own Thermomix® device so you can always cook the dishes you like directly with guided prompts from your Thermomix®.

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