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Cookidoo® 3.0 is Now Available!

Cookidoo® saves us so much time thanks to the ability to browse, plan, shop and cook our favourite recipes all on the same platform. Not to mention the ease of actually cooking with step-by-step recipe prompts on-screen and pre-set time,…

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Thermomix on The Straits Times

Extracted from an original article published on The Straits Times by Senior Food Correspondent, Wong Ah Yoke Sales of multi-function Thermomix soar with more people cooking at home SINGAPORE – For more than two years, Ms Diab Mastura was eyeing…

Eat Vegan, Go Healthy!

What is vegan diet? A vegan (plant-based) diet is a blissful diet that provides many natural benefits ranging from slimming effects, anti-aging and cleansing properties to healing potentials – thanks to abundant amounts of phytonutrients loaded in these plants. While…

The history of Thermomix

The history of Thermomix®

Find out more about the history of Thermomix®. Since the first model introduced in 1961, TM6 is the 9th model and the fully digital model with over 20 functions, self software updating function that keeps getting better on its own.