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bring wow to the table everyday thermomix

Bring wow to the table everyday

Thermomix® is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that has taken the culinary and foodie community by storm. With its advanced features and versatility, Thermomix® brings convenience, efficiency, and a touch of wow to your everyday cooking. These are the main benefits unanimously agreed by users how Thermomix® has enhanced their cooking journey.
Thermomix SG Jelly Art Mooncakes Recipe and Instructions

Thermomix® Jelly Art Mooncakes

A twist to the traditional mooncakes is the Jelly mooncakes. Showcase your creativity by adding art into these mooncakes! Jelly mooncakes consists of gelatine, also called agar agar locally, these desserts will be popular with people who shun away from traditional mooncakes as these are easy to eat and sure to be a crowd pleaser especially with young children who may not like mooncake pastes! We recommend that you watch the tutorial and "how-to" video before attempting to make these delightfully pleasing jelly mooncakes.