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CNY Auspicious ingredients and their symbolic meanings

Auspicious ingredients and their symbolic meanings during the Lunar New Year. Do you know all the auspicious symbolic meaning of the ingredients we are shopping for Chinese New Year? Here is a list for your reference and be sure to have these dishes planned in your Reunion Dinner and the following New Year days for a stellar start to a new year! Armed with your Thermomix®, cooking for an elaborate dinner will be a breeze.
pineapple tarts

Bake pineapple tarts with Thermomix®

There's nothing more fulfilling than making your own pineapple tarts from scratch. You'll be using fresh sweet pineapples, less sugar if you must, the best French butter, and even add decadent touches like s sprit of gold dust or shape the morsels into cute little bunnies (2023 is the year of the Rabbit). Here are some of our favourite pineapple tart recipes you can try. Bake some and join our annual Pineapple Tart Challenge and this year, you may be the winner to Elle & Vire's gift hamper (valued at $100 each)! With Thermomix®, it is so easy to make these delicious treats which have now become ubiquitous during the Lunar New Year as a popular and auspicious gift for family and friends.