Save with Thermomix® and make your own Ngo Hiang (Five Spice Meat Rolls)

Chinese New Year is coming soon! 🌸🍊🧧

Make traditional Ngo Hiang 五香卷 aka Five Spice Meat Rolls using your Thermomix®! 💚 You can make them in variations using different types of meat, seafood and vegetables! It’s one of the must have dishes for Chinese New Year and reunion meals. 🍴

It’s a great combination of stuffed minced meat wrapped in beancurd skin and deep fried (or air fried) till crispy golden brown. The crunchy exterior coupled with soft and chewy fillings makes it an irresistible dish!

Get the Ngo Hiang (Five Spice Meat Rolls) recipe from our Thermomix® Chinese New Year e-Book or Cookidoo

🌸 Explore 1️⃣2️⃣ festive and auspicious dishes you can make this CNY for family and friends! 👪👫 Download our CNY eBook from this link below (Chinese and English versions available!)⬇

Happy Thermo-mixing! 💚

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