Save with Thermomix® and make your own Bread

Try using Dough mode in Thermomix® to make bread and other dishes like meat balls, dumpling skins and pastas that requires kneading!

Making bread from scratch is one of those simple life pleasures that provides a great sense of satisfaction.

You can make a variety of breads such as sandwich, banana, milk, sourdough and more. Homemade bread is 100% natural, free of preservative and has less sugar and sodium compared to store bought ones.

It is great for parties, brunches, dinners, and all kinds of occasions, why not make your own breads to surprise your guests? With Thermomix®, home cooked food is easier and helps save time and money too!

Check out these recipes on Cookidoo® to make your own fresh baked breads

🍴🍞 Sandwich bread

🍞🥛 Hokkaido Milk Loaf

🍞🍌 Banana Bread

🍞 Sourdough Bread with Olives

Check out these tools for baking your delicious breads 🥣


Mini Round Thermoserver 1L

Thermoserver 2.5L Oval

Happy Thermo-mixing! 💚