Save with Thermomix® and make your own Christmas Logcake

Make your own Christmas log cakes with Thermomix® 💚 The cake represents the yule log that families would burn starting on Christmas Eve, which symbolizes the new year to come and brings good luck to the family 👪

What’s more special than homemade food? Your loved ones will surely be impressed. You get to choose the freshest ingredients and get creative with the flavours, toppings and decorations to your own preference! It’s heart-warming and the food made is filled with love and passion ❤️

Check out these recipes on Cookidoo® for more Christmas cake ideas this season 🍴

🍰⚫🍒 Black forest Christmas yule log

🍰 Christmas Cake

🍰🔴 Red Velvet Cake

🍰3️⃣🍫 Triple chocolate layer cake

🍰 Marble Cake

Check out our tutorial below for festive cake decoration ideas

Happy Thermo-mixing! 💚