Thermomix Cheese Custard with Black Truffles – recipe by Chef John Leverink of The Boathouse Canberra

Visiting chef from Australia, Chef John Leverink, showed the Thermomix Singapore team, how easy it is to use the Thermomix to make perfect cheese custard with black truffles. This recipe is possibly very difficult if one were to cook using a thermometer over the stove because the cheese may burn or eggs may curdle when the temperature is too high. However, with precise time, temperature, and speed controls, it is possible for perfect cheesy custard to be made effortlessly while still having time to step away to do other things. Yes, multitasking at home is possible with Thermomix.


  • 12 eggs
  • 250 cheddar cheese
  • 10g truffle salt
  • 100g emmental cheese
  • 10g freshly shaved black truffle


  1. Mix all ingredients for 30sec / speed 8
  2. Cook for 7 min /  75 degree celsius / speed 4
  3. Stop when you smell the eggs and it starts to set
  4. Shave black truffle over the eggs
  5. Serve hot with toast
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