Thermomix® Chocolate Truffle Mooncake Recipe

Apart from the commonly seen traditionally baked and flaky skin mooncakes, chocolate mooncakes can’t go wrong too! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this chocolate truffle mooncake with the Thermomix®.

Chocolate Truffle Mooncake Ingredients

(Option 1) – Without shortening as shown in video
200g cooked glutinous rice flour
200g icing sugar
40g olive oil
200g water (drip from lid hole while mixing, adjust as needed)
30-40g cocoa powder (adjust to get the desired colour)

(Option 2) – With shortening
200g fried glutinous rice flour
220g icing sugar
80g shortening
200g water (drip from lid hole, adjust as needed)
30-40g cocoa powder (adjust to get the desired colour)

200g whipped cream
200g couverture chocolate
5g cocoa powder for dusting

1. Add whipped cream and chocolate into mixing bowl, 5min/50°C/spoon speed
2. Pour out mixture and cool in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. In the meantime, we can work on the dough.
3. Add flour, sugar and cocoa powder into mixing bowl, 2sec/turbo
4. Add the oil (or shortening)
5. Add water sparingly trough the measuring cup hole during kneading, adjusting according to texture, 2min/kneading
6. Allow dough to rest for 15 mins
7. Take out filling mixture from the refrigerator and roll into roughly 30g balls. Coat lightly in cocoa powder
8. Take out the rested dough and pinch out roughly 35-40g pieces to be wrapped around each 30g choccolate ball
9. Dust mooncake mould lightly with cocoa powder and shape

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