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Thermomix® Cutter is coming soon!

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Thermomix® Cutter

Ever dreamt that your Thermomix® could cut thin slices of cucumber or carrot sticks? Dream no more! Thermomix® Cutter will slice and grate ingredients precisely and efficiently with exceptional results. Compatible with both Thermomix® TM6 and TM5, this new accessory will make your meals even easier to prepare and lots more fun!

Thermomix® Cutter effortlessly takes salads, veggies and fruit dishes to the next level, creating even texture, adding more interesting pops of color and flavor and giving you greater control to start slicing and grating to your exact tastes. Being the perfect pair to Thermomix®, it’s never been easier to look after your health and make it yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 disc, 4 cuts! With the Thermomix® Cutter, you can slice and grate two different thicknesses, allowing you to prepare carpaccio-style vegetables or thicker pieces of peppers or carrots as needed: thin slice (1-2 mm), thick slice (4-5 mm), thin grate (2 mm), or thick grate (4 mm). To get the most out of this accessory, use the new Slicing and Grating modes, exclusive to Thermomix® TM6!

Stay tuned for more details. The Thermomix Cutter® is estimated to be available soon, we will share the price closer to the time it will ship.

No, Thermomix Cutter® is an accessory for your Thermomix®. It is designed to cook with the Thermomix® TM6 and TM5.

Thermomix Cutter® is only compatible with TM6 and TM5 mixing bowls.