Thermomix® MasterChef Trish Yee at One Pearl Bank

Let’s join MasterChef Season 2 runner up Trish Yee on a food journey to Japan, where she will show us how to put many elements together to piece 2 dishes together with the Thermomix!

On the Menu🔖:

1️⃣ Torched Miso Glazed Fish with Takikomi Gohan

2️⃣ Zenzai with Mochi (Japanese Red Bean Soup with Mochi)

Honey Miso Glazed Barramundi with Takikomi Gohan🐟

Miso Glaze


200g mirin

200g sake

100g white miso

80g sugar

20g honey

1. Place garlic in mixing bowl and chop 3 sec/speed 8. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl with spatula then chop again 3 sec/speed 8. Scrape down the sides again. Add mirin, sake, honey, miso, and sugar then reduce in mixing bowl for 20 min/100°C/speed 0.5.

2. Transfer marinade to a shallow bowl and set aside to cool before using

Dashi Stock


10g kombu

1L water

20g bonito flakes

1. Place 10g kombu in 1l of water (60min / 65°C / Reverse/ Spoon or 60min / 65°C / Slow Cooking Mode. Remove the kombu

2. Warm Kombu Dashi to 80-85 °C (Use Kettle Kettle Mode on TM6)Place bonito flakes in Kombu Dashi and leave to steep for 10min. Do not stir. Pour dashi through a sieve.

Steamed Fish


200g barramundi fillet

1 inch ginger

20g sake

20g mirin

1 tsp soy sauce

1. Steam fish by preparing water in mixing bowl and set covered Varoma into position then steam 8 min/Varoma/speed 1 or you may steam when cooking the rice.

2. Remove Varoma Dish. Brush the miso glaze over fish and torch the fish to give it some charred flavours.



200g Japanese rice

650ml dashi stock

Aburaage tofu(Japanese Fried Tofu Pouch)

1 carrot

3-4 pcs shitake mushrooms

1 tbsp soy

2 tbsp mirin

1. Place carrot, aburaage tofu and shitake mushroom into mixing bowl, chop, speed 5 for 3 mins. Scrape down sides and place in another plate for later.

2. Add dashi into mixing bowl and add the rice in the simmering basket, 28mins/ 100°C/spd 4.5. Halfway through, add in the chopped carrots, aburaage tofu and shitake mushroom to cook on top of the rice.

3. Mix in soy and mirin to taste. Top with glazed torched miso barramundi and garnish with spring onions and onsen egg.

Onsen Eggs

4 eggs

2L water

1. Pour water into TM bowl. Heat 7min/70°C/speed1 or 70°C / Kettle mode

2. Put eggs into simmering basket and lower into TM bowl. Cook 10min/70°C/speed3.5. Remove immediately and crack eggs into serving bowl straightaway to prevent eggs from further cooking. (We recommend using the simmering basket for better result).

Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi🍡


200g azuki bean

1 L water

80-100g sugar or to taste Pinch of salt

1 . Place washed red bean and water into TM mixing bowl to cook at 60mins/100°C/Spd 3 reverse

2. Add in sugar and cook 3mins/100°C/Spd 2 reverse



125 g mochiko aka Glutinous Rice Flour

100 g Water

5 g Sugar

1 tsp matcha powder

To prepare mochi:

1. Add ingredients into the mixing bowl and knead for 30seconds / Dough mode or until the dough is fully incorporated.

2. Shape the dough into small balls and set aside. Dust hands and workspace with Glutinous Rice Flour.

To cook mochi:

1. Add 1000g of water into mixing bowl to and set to 100°C/kettle mode

2. Add rolled mochi into mixing bowl to cook 100°C/10 min/ reverse spoon . Drain off water and place mochi into the red bean soup.

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