Thermomix Sugar-Free Fruity Ice Lollies

There is no better time to enjoy homemade fruity lollies than during the mid year when it is hottest. With Thermomix, it is so easy to make these wholesome desserts with real fruits and just honey as sweetener (optional).


  • 200g strawberries (or blueberries)
  • 20g lime juice
  • 100g fresh orange juice cold
  •  15g honey (optional to taste)
  • 1 ripe banana cut into pieces


  1. Place all ingredients into the mixing bowl and crush 30 sec / speed 7
  2. Pour into ice lolly molds
  3. Place in the freezer for at least 4 hours or until solid
  4. Remove from the molds and serve immediately

Tip : You may dip in warm water so that the lollies come off the molds easily

Tip 2 : Silicon molds are easier to remove the frozen lollies

Recipe adapted from Thermomix UK.

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