Thermomix® Taiwanese Flaky Mooncake & Snow Skin Bunnies

In for the Taiwanese-style flaky mooncake with red bean paste? Want to make some cute mooncakes that will be a big hit among your little ones? Check out this recipe showcased during our previous mooncake LIVE tutorial by Mandy Kee (a.k.a “Jade Rabbit/玉兔”), Ricky Teh (a.k.a “嫦娥/常饿”), and Vanessa Tay (a.k.a Teacher/老师”)! Learn how to make store-bought flaky mooncakes and adorable snow skin bunnies, and surprise your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Thermomix Snow Skin Bunnies
Thermomix Snow Skin Bunnies

🐇 Snow Skin Ingredients
100g Koh Fun (kao Fen)
70g Icing Sugar
30g Shortening (tip: you can substitute with ghee or clarified butter too)
120g Cold Pandan Water*
*To make pandan water, boil pandan water ~ Pandan leave and water bring to boil till fragrant, set aside to cool it completely, keep in refrigerator, use it cold.
1. Use it plain (just pandan water) OR
2. Add your preferred food gel coloring to pandan water before mixing into dry ingredients OR
3. Add 20g pandan extract mix 100g pandan water before mixing into dry ingredients.

Lotus Paste with Melon Seed
1. Bake the raw melon seeds in the oven at 150c for 5-10min
2. Mix in 40-50gm Melon Seed mix into 1kg Lotus paste

Method for Dough
1. Place Koh Fun and icing sugar into mixing bowl. Turbo 2 sec twice.
2. Scrape down the sides of mixing bowl with a spatula.
3. Add Shortening into the flour mixture. Knead for 30 second.
4. Set on kneading mode 1min 30sec.
5. Gradually mix in cold water through the Measuring Cup hole. You will get a soft dough formed. Wrap with cling wrap to rest for 1/2 hour.

Assembling (Mould size: 50g Plunger)
1. Divide dough into 20g ball each. For this recipe you will get 16 pieces.
2. Divide Lotus paste into 35g ball each. For this recipe, only 560g required.
3. Cut away the bottom end of a large zip lock bag, slit open both sides. This is to help mould the dough for easy wrapping.
4. Place 1 dough ball in the middle between the bag. Lightly used a bowl with a flat bottom to press down. Remove, wrap the flattened dough around the filling and shape it into a ball. Ensure that there are no exposed filling.
5. Lightly Flour the ball and mould.
6. Lightly shape the ball into an almond shape, place it on table, take the mould plunger over it and press hard downwards so that the impression can be properly made. (*tip is to press a few times to get a deeper imprint)
7. Release the plunger and gently place moonies onto baking tray lined with baking paper.
8. Transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator up to 3-4 days.

Thermomix Taiwanese Flaky Mooncake
Thermomix Taiwanese Flaky Mooncake

🥮 Flaky Mooncake Dough Ingredients
(A) Water Dough
300 g plain flour
60 g icing sugar
85 g butter
135 g water
(B) Oil Dough
210 g plain flour
140 g butter
Egg yolk
Sesame seeds & salted egg yolk (baked with sesame oil first) (optional)

Method for Dough
Water dough
1. Place ingredients A into mixing bowl, knead/2min. Rest dough for 10 minutes, divide into 12 servings and knead into round ball.
Oil dough
1. Place ingredients B into mixing bowl, blend 20 sec/ speed 2.5. Divide into 12 servings and knead into round ball.
Filling : About 30g each

1. Flatten the water dough and put the oil dough on it, knead into round ball again. Then, flatten the dough into long shape, and roll it. Repeat this step, for all 12 servings.
2. Flatten the roll dough, and roll back again. Repeat this step, for all 12 servings. Rest dough for 10 minutes.
3. Divide rest dough into 2.
4. Flatten a roll dough, put red bean paste filling into it. Press the edges, and press into oblong shape.
5. Then, gently press the dough with palm. Grease egg yolk and sesame on top, put into preheated oven (190℃) for 20 minutes until golden yellow.
Tip #1 : When you add other fillings into the paste (eg. salted yolk), you’ll need to add more dough.
Tip #2 : Adjust the oven temperature accordingly if your oven is too hot or not hot enough. Minus 10-20c if using fan.

Red Bean Paste Ingredients
300g Red beans (soaked at least 4h or overnight), drained
1500g water
200g sugar
150g oil
20g Maltose

1. Placed the soaked and drained red beans into the mixing bowl. Add 1000g of water, cook without MC 30min/100°C/spoon
2. Drain with the simmering basket and place the cooked red bean paste back into the mixing bowl
3. Add 500g of water, cook with MC 15min/100°C/spoon
4. Drain with the simmering basket and place the cooked red bean paste back into the mixing bowl
5. Add the sugar, without MC, cook 15min / Varoma/spoon
6. Add the oil and maltose mix 1min/speed 6
7. Cool to room temperature completely before using the paste for mooncake or freeze in a ziplock bag for use later
Tip : At step 5, monitor and use the spatula to stir and scrape every 5min, reduce or extend cooking time if needed.

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