Thermomix® Tutorials – Strawberry Bingsu

Lets make some Strawberry Bingsu🍓 The perfect treat to beat the heat, made easy with the Thermomix✨
Make your own for only a fraction of the price you’d pay outside and have Bingsu done the way you wanted in seconds with no effort at all!

480g Strawberries
340g Sugar
28g Lemon Juice
20g Condensed Milk
Fresh Milk
Mint Leaves


  1. Pour milk into ice cube trays to freeze, repeat 3 times
  2. Add strawberries, lemon juice, sugar, cook mixture at 35mins/varoma/spd 1.0
  3. Place strawberry jam aside
  4. Blitz frozen milk cubes for 20 seconds, turning the dial from 1 – 10 gradually
  5. Blitz the mixture at 2 seconds/turbo
  6. Drizzle your bingsu with the strawberry jam and garnish with strawberries, mint leaves and almonds
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