Thermomix® Chinese New Year Recipe eBook | Thermomix® 吉祥年菜电子食谱

Gong Hei Fa Choy. It’s time for ingredient shopping, and endless cooking and baking for some of us as we progress towards Chinese New Year (a.k.a CNY).

For those who are involved in the cooking process of the annual all important reunion dinner and the many other feasts during the 15-day long celebration, it is also an excellent time to show off new culinary skills ????.

This year, we have compiled a collection of 12 all-time favourite CNY Thermomix® recipes that will help you breeze through the cooking of starters, mains, desserts and snacks effortlessly.

Enjoy cooking and have a great lunar New Year. 祝大家狗年行大运 – 旺旺!

恭喜发财。 又到了一年一度的农历新年。对有些人来说, 这个期间是最忙最忙的时候。在家里参与准备年菜的朋友,应该已经开始采购年货了。今年, Thermomix®为大家搜集了十二道美味的经典贺年佳肴, 希望能让准备年菜的朋友享有Thermomix®更轻松的烹煮开胃菜, 主菜, 糖水, 糕点等。

祝大家狗年行大运 – 旺旺!

Thermomix Singapore chinese new year ebook

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