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I call myself a Thermomix Evangelist. I always get asked why I love my Thermomixes (yes I own 2 units) so much. There are many reasons why but I certainly do not miss my pre-Thermomix days at all. Being a mum, nothing is more important to me than my family’s health because end of the day, we are what we eat.

1) Vegetables are green and crisp after stir-frying in a Thermomix

Yes. People are surprised when I tell them the Thermomix can stir-fry.

It’s a personal taste preference, but I am very particular about my veggies retaining their green colour and crispiness after stir fry. The problem with wok cooking is that the high temperature not only kill the nutrients, wok-fried vegetables also tend to be super oily, soggy and sometimes yellowish and wet when it is overcooked. I am a fan of organic greens but I do not fancy spending top dollars on organic vegetables that ends up overcooked with no nutritional value on the dining table. It is already very hard to get the kids to get more greens so my greens better retain maximum amount of nutrients.

The maximum temperature in the Thermomix is 120 degrees. That means unless you intentionally prolong cooking your veggies, there should be no reason they should be overcooked.

Vegetable Stir Fry
image 2

2. Safer, quality, nutritious food for my family with the Thermomix

The mass market food industry is brutally cost-driven and scandal scarred. There are loads of additives added to food after pasteurisation. And because the process tend to make food lose it’s original colour and taste, additives are added back to pasteurised food to recreate the food it was supposed to be – with added artificial flavouring, nicer colour to prolong it’s shelf life. Unfortunately, the lax labelling laws in most countries mean, unless you make most of your own food, there is no exact telling what goes into that jar on the supermarket shelf.

Have you wondered why store bread can still be soft (not turning moldy) after a week (no ants either even for sweet breads) when freshly baked bread becomes hard and turn moldy after couple of days? Why homemade tomato sauce is always orangey and not deep red?

After discovering how easy it is to use my Thermomix to make mayonnaise, nut butter, nut chocolate (nutella alike), ice-cream, juices, jams and all sorts of sauces and pastes, I can no longer bring myself to feed my children store-bought “pretend food”. All families should benefit from eating real food.

3. My Thermomix peels and chops garlic for me

No kidding. Speed 5, reverse 5 seconds, I get my garlic chopped and skin off. I love cooking but hate to chop garlic and having that lingering garlicky smell on my fingers.

4. Thermomix cooking is mostly fume-free, no-grease and splatter-proofHere’s another of my favourite. Cooking my rempahs (sauces and curries) tend to make my entire kitchen and home smell. Once I put my measuring cup (MC) on the lid of the Thermomix, the smell from food cooking is more contained inside the Thermomix. Additionally, most Thermomix cooking can be done with very little oil or no oil, so there is really no fume, and no grease. Almost no splattering once the MC is on.

5. No need to clean up or mop up after cooking with my Thermomix

Thermomix cooking is relatively mess-free because of the way it is designed. All-in-one, many functions-in-one means, you can weigh and add ingredients one-by-one, mill, mix, blend, knead, steam, saute, and cook in the one appliance. I need less bowls since we can add ingredients from package to Thermomix directly since it weighs, and I can skip the stirring spoon, whisk, the mixer, the blender etc since it does all these too.

My kitchen floors are never greasy again after cooking.

Oh, my Thermomix can self-clean too. If I cook something more greasy, I can add a pump of liquid detergent and hot water to spin clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen up stuck food bits and remove the grease.

No mopping required

 6. Thermomix is used by restaurants (a.k.a the professionals)

I get looks of bewilderment when I tell people the Thermomix cooks enough to feed a function room full of people. Its so easy to prepare drinks and food. My steamed glutinous rice, coleslaw, nasi lemak and chicken rice are always popular.

By the way, Thermomix is used by many chefs in their restaurants. If the Thermomix can cook enough to feed restaurant patrons, why not for our household? Singapore’s Tippling Club uses Thermomix. Aussie Chef Peter Gilmore and Chef Tetsuya use Thermomix in their restaurants.

7. Thermomix is so easy that even kids (and dads) can cook

My kids love the Thermomix. Seemingly complicated dishes can be cooked by following instructions. The little one loves counting the timer and has learnt weight, reading time and temperature just by participating in Thermomix cooking. He knows the exact required steps for sorbet and cookies.

8. Family bonding with the Thermomix

Nothing makes me more contented than watching the entire family gather around the Thermomix to cook. Fighting siblings putting their pizzas together, the family deciding what to cook for supper and tomorrow’s breakfast, and watching my loved ones gobbling up new dishes I have conjured using the Thermomix is very rewarding.

9. Thermomix cooks for every occasion – nostalgic recreation of late mom’s dishes

There are literally thousands of Thermomix recipes. I am constantly challenging myself with new dishes. Dishes that I have never dreamt of cooking have been attempted – many times successfully.  I have adapted my late mom’s recipes and recreated childhood dishes which may never be recreated if I didn’t own the Thermomix. The kuays, the tong shui that I have always thought impossible are cooked easily following recipe instructions and modified to recreate the taste I want to achieve.

10. Hands-free Cooking. Unbeatable convenience and saves time 

Can you believe I can place my ingredients in the Thermomix to cook while I shower? It is possible because of temperature, timer and speed controls. I know exactly how long each dish will take to cook. Thermomix stops cooking once the preset time is up. Yet it intelligently continues to gently stir to prevent the food from clumping together. Any dish that requires constant stirring benefits from using the Thermomix. I used to stir my rempahs, desserts and pineapple tart jams at the stove and end up perspiring like crazy and reeking of food odour. Now, I just leave the stirring work to my trusty Thermomix and watch the TV until the sweet music goes off to inform me the cooking is done. Cooking should still allow vain pots like me to look good.

11. Saves Money $$

While the initial outlay is deem expensive for a kitchen appliance by most people, it really isn’t if you consider the amount of money saved by making your own staples like stock, sauces, bread, cakes, buns, pasta/noodles etc instead of buying preservative and chemical laden ones. When you eat healthier, you maintain your health and possibly fall sick less which also equals to saving money isn’t it? A holiday costs more than $2k per person, a nice branded handbag costs a few thousand, I’d go for a lifetime of healthy cooking for my loved ones anytime and buy one bag less. We are what we eat. I’d rather go all the way to be healthy then be half-hearted about it.

Seriously, the Thermomix has 12-in-1 functions, it can do 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 cooking, it enables mess-free, hands-free cooking, and hardly ever over-cooks. The latest TM5 even has recipe chip that can be attached to the machine with hundreds of recipes stored inside so you do not need to flip and cook anymore. Guided cooking makes cooking even possible for 5-year-olds or people without culinary experience. Now, what other appliance dares call itself “the future of cooking”.

Life should be easy.

Cooking should be a joy and not a chore.

Let’s nurtured our loved ones with quality and safe food that is packed with nutrients and made with love.

What do you think? Start using a Thermomix and join the rapidly growing community of users. Thermomix is not available in retail shops. The only way to purchase one is to Contact Thermomix Singapore.

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