Durian Snow Skin Mooncake

Don’t everyone just love the taste of creamy durian? Whether your favourite durian is MSW, D13, D24 or Red Prawn, you can make your own easily with your trusty Thermomix ! Make some durian mooncakes this year – because not only you can ensure the quality of your 100% durian filling, you’ll also save loads by making your own!

Thermomix® Durian Mooncake cooking video


8 g gelatine powder
50 g water
200 g durian pulps (any variety of your choice)
15 g icing sugar

Traditional Snow Skin Dough
100 g Koh Flour (commercial glutinous rice flour)
70 g icing sugar
30 g corn oil
120 g water
Some food grade colouring
Some cooked glutinous rice flour for dusting (toast on a pan or oven prior to using)

If you dislike the taste of raw flour, check out our new mochi (cooked dough) snow skin recipe! Snow skin has never tasted yummier!

1. Mix the gelatine powder with water in a small bowl and stir until all powder dissolved.
2. Place durian pulps, icing sugar and gelatine mixture into mixing bowl, blend 10 sec / Speed 4.
3. Scrape down sides of mixing bowl with spatula.
4. Transfer into a bowl and set aside.
5. Cut 11 pieces of cling film wrapper into squares, weigh 20 g of blended durian on the piece of cling film square, wrap into a ball shape.
6. Continue to wrap until filling finished then store in freezer for at least 30 minutes to set the filling.
7. Place koh flour and icing sugar into mixing bowl, turbo/ 2 sec.
8. Add corn oil, knead/ 30 sec. Meanwhile, mix food colouring with water in a bowl and set aside.
9. Next, add coloured water, continue to knead/ 1 min 30 sec.
10. Then, lightly floured some koh flour on the ThermoMat and transfer dough on it.
11. Knead the dough into long shape and divide dough into 11 equal (about 25 g each) portions.
12. Roll dough into ball shape and put into a lightly floured zip lock bag without sealing it and flatten the dough with a rolling pin.
13. Add in durian filling, wrap into a ball shape, then roll into shape which can fit in the mould.
14. Brush some koh flour inside the mould, put in the shaped dough, press hard then pull away the mould. 15. Continue the same process until completes.
16. Store mooncakes in freezer can last up for 2 weeks, while in refrigerator can only store for 2 days.    

a. Always make sure your hands and working surfaces are floured with some koh flour while shaping the dough.
b. To minimize the amount of flour needed to roll out the dough, rolling it between two layers of lightly floured plastic wrap or zip lock bag, this can keep the dough from sticking to the rolling pin or work surface as it’s rolled out.
c. You can take out the wrapped durian filling from the freezer one by one, only after you have flattened the dough, so that the durian filling not melted too soon. This way, it will be much easier to handle the soft and sticky filling and wrap it inside the snow skin dough.
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