Korean Milk Ice Bingsu (Injeolmi Bingsu, the original flavour)

Who doesn’t like Bingsu in sunny Singapore? Even on a humid cloudy or rainy day, nothing is stopping us from enjoying this cooling dessert with our friends and family. Often shared with others, this is the bonding dessert for youngsters, especially with the hallyu Korean wave that makes everything Korean so trendy these days.

For those who want authentic taste of original Bingsu, try the Injeolmi Bingsu. It is flavoured with a generous dusting of soybean powder, almonds flakes, red beans and mochi. 

Use your Thermomix® to grind frozen milk cubes in seconds to make your own bingsu. Making our own food is healthier as we can control the amount of sugar and other ingredients that goes into it, plus saving money too as it only costs a fraction of the money we will pay for bingsu in Korean eateries (multiply by many portions too!).

Injeolmi Bingsu Recipe

Ingredients (per bowl)

  • 300g frozen milk in ice cube trays
  • 20g Condensed milk
  • 30g red beans/ paste
  • 20g soy bean powder (and more for dusting)
  • 50g mochi (check out our mochi recipe)
  • Almond flakes (garnishing)
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream (optional)


  1. Blend the frozen milk cubes (10-20sec / speed 5-10)
  2. Remove the shaved ice, and heap onto a large bowl
  3. Sprinkle soy bean powder on top of the ice
  4. Cut mochi into small pieces and coat with the soy bean powder
  5. Place the mochi pieces around the edges of the bowl
  6. Place the red bean paste atop the ice (optional : place ice cream on top of the red bean paste)
  7. Sprinkle with more soy bean powder and almond flakes
  8. Serve immediately

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