⭐⭐???? It was a star-studded night ????⭐⭐

April 26th was a special night where top Thermomix® Partners across Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, were honoured for their efforts to introduce the life-changing benefits of Thermomix® cooking to more families, so everyone can eat and cook healthier as well as bond with their families by cooking together at home.
Thermomix® Singapore also celebrated it’s First Birthday with flaming candles !

It was a star-studded and fun-filled night of glamour where the top Thermomix® Partners from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei were honoured at Flutes@National Singapore Museum.  

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????Top Personal Sales 2017
#1 Isabel Frango #2 Sharon Galistan #3 Christy Chang; Celeste Chong; Yen Goh; Jeffrey Teong; Ricky Teh; Caroline Lim; Sharon Koh; Wong Mee Ling

????Top New Partner Recruiter 2017
#1 Isabel Frango #2 Doreen Khaw #3 Kristal Lynn Chang; Sharon Galistan; Christy Chang

????Turtle Award 2017
Caroline Lim; Yen Goh; Ricky Teh; Isabel Frango; Sharon Galistan; Christy Chang; Jeffrey Teong

????Top Newcomer Award
#1 Audra Fong; #2 Jiang Fang #3 Amy Lee

????????????Thermomix® Malaysia/Brunei????????????
????Top Personal Sales 2017
#1 Lim Kim Mei/Lim Kim Sian #2 John Tay #3 Lim Choon Moi; Joanne Loh; Alice Chee;  Susan Foo; Agnes Kang; Olivia Tan; Beh Si Wei

????Top New Partner Recruiter 2017
Olivia Tan; Beh Si Wei; Lim Choon Moi

????Turtle Award
Ping Ping Tan; Beh Si Wei; Lau Bee Lee; Jackie Kong; Olivia Tan; Agnes Kang; Lim Choon Moi; Ellin Chong; Wendy Tan

????Oldest Turtle Award
Tey Poh Chin; Joanne Loh

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