2nd Birthday Celebration: THERMOMIX® CHEFS’ COOKING SHOW


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To thank the support from our community of users in Singapore, Thermomix® will be sharing the joy of our 2nd anniversary with a week-long celebration of Thermomix® Chef events. The Chef cooking event, with the exception of weekends*, will have twice daily afternoon 2:30pm and evening 7:00pm sessions.

*Saturday sessions by Sharon Galistan : 1030am and 230pm

*Sunday session by Wong Kee Yew : 230pm only


26 Feb 2019 at 2:00pm and 6:30pm

Christy Chang-Peh, Home Chef of Mrs Peh Private Dishes/ 白太私房菜

Christy is a stay-at-home mother who stopped working to raise her special needs child. She chanced upon Thermomix®, which allowed her to balance between cooking for her family and starting a fulfilling career in food. A cooking enthusiast, she cooks every meal and shares her recipes with her fans and the Thermomix® community through her social media channel “Mrs Peh Private Dishes/白太私房菜”.


(1) Passion Fruits Drink

(2)Italian Focaccia Bread

(3) Oreo Ice Cream

(4) Stir Fried Potato Shreds

(5) 4-in-1 cooking (Rice, Tang Gui Chicken, Steamed Eggs)



27 Feb 2019 at 2:00pm and 6:30pm

Fifi Leong, Thermomix® Head Recipe Developer and Author of Tasty Asia Cookbook 

Fifi is the Regional Head of Recipe Development at Thermomix® for Singapore & Malaysia. A nutrition graduate, she has a lifelong passion for food and cooking. She is integral to the set up of the Recipe Development team for Thermomix® in Southeast Asia and has led several cookbook projects including authoring the World Gourmand award winning Tasty Asia cookbook.


(1)  Sparkling Lemonade

(2) Goji Berry Steamed Buns

(3) Mango Sorbet

(4) Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

(5) Chinese Spinach Broth

(6) Claypot Rice


28 February 2019 at 2:00pm, 6:30pm

Olivia Tan, Thermomix® Chef and Author of Cook with Olivia: Chinese Flavours

Olivia, who is of Chinese Hakka and Malaysian Nyonya descent, discovered her passion for cooking and baking when she was nine, and won her first cooking competition at eleven years old.  A health coach, Olivia brings together different styles of cooking from different cultures to effect positive impacts on health and wellbeing. Her recipes are wholesome, natural and nourishing.


(1) Minty Lemonade

(2) Pumpkin Man Tou

(3) Berry Ice Cream

(4) Soy Milk

(5) Chicken Char Siew

(6) Hokkien Mee


1 March 2019 at 2:00pm and 6:30pm

Suriya Abdullah, Thermomix® Chef and Author of The Malay Kitchen, Recipes for Thermomix®

Suriya’s culinary adventure began at the tender age of eight.  She remembers those days of helping her mother out in the kitchen fondly. Talented and resourceful, she baked her first cake using only a coffee cup to measure the ingredients. Since then, she knew that cooking and baking would become her lifelong passion. From researching on nutritional diets to experimenting with different styles of cooking, Suriya spends most of her time in the kitchen, honing her cooking skills to bring out the enhanced flavours of local cuisines. Today, Suriya is one of Malaysia’s top Thermomix® consultant and is known for her authentic Malay dishes.


(1)  Calamansi Juice

(2) Honeycomb Bread

(3) Nasi Goreng Kampung

(4) Dragon Fruit Sorbet

(5) Asam Pedas Chicken

(6) Cauliflower Rice


2 March 2019 at 10:00am and 2:00pm

Sharon Galistan, Raw Food Chef & Educator

Sharon Galistan is an expert on home to raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, low-glycemic delicious living cuisine. A graduate of Matthew Kenney Culinary, Sharon is a certified Raw Food Chef and Educator who holds a license to work in commercial kitchens.


(1) Bliss Balls

(2) Fruit Smoothie with flaxseed

(3) Gluten-free Bread

(4) Quinoa Salad

(5) Low Temperature Stir-fry vegetables

(6) Plum Sorbet


3  March 2018 at 2:00pm

Wong Kee Yew, Vegan Teacher and Author of Wholesome Vegan Cookbook

Kee Yew is a biologist turned vegan teacher, chef and the author of Thermomix® cookbook, Wholesome Vegan. He is passionate about transforming plant ingredients into inspiring wholesome plates of food, full of flavour and brimming with health benefits to nourish our body and soul with vitality. If transforming your diet to a healthier one is your new year resolution, you must not miss this session where we will learn ancient Asian wisdom on how to balance the Yin and Yang elements to achieve a harmonising nutritive vegan diet.


(1) Fruits Tea

(2) Berry Nice Gelato

(3) Spinach with Pine Nut

(4) Turmeric Tea

(5) Tofu Balls


Limited Seats. Grab your tickets now!

Venue : Thermomix Experience Centre  (67 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-03 Starhub Green, Singapore 408942)

Difficulty: All Levels

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Cooking Shows

Christy 26 Feb 2019, 2:00PM, Christy 26 Feb 2019, 6:30PM, Fifi 27 Feb 2019, 2:00PM, Fifi 27 Feb 2019, 6:30PM, Olivia 28 Feb 2019, 2:00PM, Olivia 28 Feb 2019, 6:30PM, Suriya 1 Mar 2019, 2:00PM, Suriya 1 Mar 2019, 6:30PM, Sharon 2 Mar 2019, 10:00AM, Sharon 2 Mar 2019, 2:00PM, Kee Yew 3 Mar 2019, 2:00PM


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