Project Thermomix® Gives: Butter Cake distribution

Over the last week, our advisors have baked nearly 800 butter cakes to give away to the needy families and seniors staying at Kim Seng, Kreta Ayer and Chai Chee!

Of course, we can’t forget our amazing advisors who contributed other ingredients, baked hundreds of cakes and helped give out the butter cakes to the seniors.

Every 2 cakes take 3.5 minutes to mix and we are glad more families have a chance to savour our delicious homemade cakes that are baked fresh and 💯 free of preservatives!

We thank everyone for your big hearts ❤️ to make these events possible.

Special thanks to our ingredient partners Prima Flour ,Cowhead, Ben Mart Singapore for sponsoring the butter, milk and flour, as well as, ingredient contributors Christy Chang Pei Shih. OOHH so good, Lynn Chang Wee Cheng, Shikin Rahmat, Zuldahwati Ibrahim for supplying quality ingredients that made Project Thermomix® Gives possible.

We would also like to give our gratitude to Kreta Ayer – Kim Seng Community, Kreta Ayer and Chai Chee Senior Activity Centres for organising and coordinating these activities with us.

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