The history of Thermomix®

Then. Now. Always getting Smarter on its own!
If all we ever wanted to do was to make a food processor, we would have stopped long back.
But we wanted to create an extraordinary experience, which is why we’re still going… it was until 1971 where the ♨ heating function was incorporated into the VM2000, thus the birth of Thermomix® and the brand later. “Thermomix” is a hybrid word derived from Greek “thermo” (heating) and English “mix”.

In celebration of the brand’s 50th Anniversary, here’s a throwback to all the iconic Thermomix® models introduced over the years.
Which year did you get your first Thermomix®?

Since the first model introduced in 1961, TM6 is the 9th model and the fully digital model with over 20 functions, self software updating function that keeps getting better on its own.
The Thermomix® TM6 has incorporated several firsts – such as integrating its award-winning Recipe Library, Cookidoo®, to be directly accessible from its display for guided cooking assistance for ingredient preparation and every step of the cooking process from start until the dish is done.

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