Thermomix® Choux Pastry Tutorial with MasterChef Genevieve Lee

Have you tried making choux pastry? Watch MasterChef Genevieve Lee as she shows us how you can take your choux pastry to the next level! Genevieve will be showing us how to make choux pastry with vanilla bean custard filling, topped with Pistachio Rose Praline & Rhubarb Ribbons 

Here is the recipe:

Here’s the recipe:
Choux Pastry
125g water
125g milk
65g butter
10g sugar
125g plain flour
2g salt
4 eggs

  1. Boil water, milk, butter and sugar 3min/120°c/sp1.5
  2. Sieve flour, and add flour, salt, mix 5 min / 70c / sp 2.5
  3. Turn temperature to 0, aerate flour mixture for another 5 min / sp2.5
  4. Add beaten eggs bit by bit on speed 1 and stop when the texture drips to a V shape from the spatula when scooped out.
  5. Pipe out after it is cooled in the fridge
  6. Egg wash with remaining yolk if any
  7. Bake at 175c / 20min (fan force) + 150c / 5min (to dry out)
    Vanilla Bean Custard
    300g milk
    (B) Whisk in a bowl until well mixed
    60g sugar
    60g egg yolk
    30g flour
    50g milk
    1 vanilla bean pod
    200g Whipping cream (at least 35% fat) whipped with butterfly for speed 3.5 (or until whipped) – keep an eye as the cream will whipped up very quickly around 30sec
    (d) Gelatin leaves x 1 sheet
  8. Heat (A) 3min / 100c / sp2 until boiling.
  9. Add 100g of heated (A) into (B) and pour back into the mixing bowl.
  10. Cook 15 min / 110c or until thickened without the MC.
  11. Cut and scrape vanilla bean pod into mixing bowl.
  12. Soften gelatin leaves in cold water until soft. Squeeze gelatin dry before adding into mixing bowl.
  13. Turn speed up to 3 until well incorporated.
  14. Chill in freezer for 30 min
  15. Remove from freezer, add (C) whipped cream, mix to soften the custard texture for 1 min / speed 3.5 50-100g of the whipped cream (check for texture of the custard and adjust accordingly)
  16. Put into a piping bag, into the fridge.
  17. Balance whipped cream may be used to pipe over the choux or as garnishing
    Rhubarb Ribbon
  18. Stir sugar and water to make syrup
  19. Cut rhubarb into half and slice thin
  20. Soak rhubarb strips in syrup for 10min
  21. Line the tray and spread rhubarb in the tray.
  22. Bake at 130°c-150°c and check every 10 min when rhubarb becomes slightly dry.
  23. Take rhubarb strips out and twirl on chopsticks until it forms a spiral shape.
    Rhubarb jam
    200g rhubarb (cut into pieces)
    100g sugar
    1 vanilla bean
    1 TBSP lemon juice
  24. Place sugar and vanilla bean into mixing bowl, mill 10sec / speed 10
  25. Add rhubarb and lemon juice, cook 15min / varoma / reverse (place a Varoma dish or SB on top of the lid to prevent splatter)
    Pistachio Rose Praline
    200g pistachio
    40g caramel
    5g rose water
    15 g grapeseed oil (or any neutral oil)
    10g salt
  26. Blend 20min/ speed 3.5 until smooth
  27. At 15min, add rose extract and salt
  28. During the last 2 min, add oil

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