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Thermomix® Host reward programme

An Ideal way to get to know the Thermomix®

By hosting a Thermomix® Cooking Experience, you and a few friends can have fun with hands-on cooking using the smart Thermomix® while enjoying a delicious meal you’ve cooked together.

Organise your Thermomix® Cooking Experience with these easy steps.

Step 1: Invite a few friends or family to your Cooking Experience
Step 2: Create your own Cooking Experience Menu by choosing from a range of available dishes
Step 3: Browse our Host Rewards catalogue and get ready to unleash the possibilities of your kitchen

Host with your Exclusive Thermomix® Cooking Experience Menu

Choose from a range of everyday tasty dishes to plan your exclusive menu to cook during your Cooking Experience. Let your guests have fun cooking delicious and healthy dishes that uses 100% natural ingredients. Check out our Cooking Experience Menu.

Be Rewarded when you Share the Wonders of Thermomix® by Hosting a Cooking Experience

Recommend Thermomix® to your friends and get Thermomix® Collectibles for free or at special prices*

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Thermomix® Host Reward Catalog

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Thermomix® Host Reward Description

Contact your Advisor to host your cooking experience or fill up this form for us to help you organise your Cooking Experience.

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Find out more about the Thermomix® Host Reward Programme.

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