Thermomix® Singapore Basics : TM31 Usage Tips (EN)

Enjoying your Thermomix with confidence and care.

We believe that all Thermomix models are safe to operate when used appropriately and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and the user manuals. It’s important appliances are used in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and user manual.

If you have a functional fault or specific concern in relation to your TM31, please contact our customer care team.

Your well being and satisfaction while using Thermomix® is important to us.

Thermomix® Basics : TM31 Usage Tips“, aims to provide you with important reminders and tips for safe use and maintenance of your Thermomix®.

Safety Tips

Handle With Care

Using the Right Green Sealing Ring

Tips on using Thermomix TM31 safely :-

1. Always use the green sealing ring on the TM31 lid and make sure the seal is on the lid prior to using the Thermomix®. If you do not have the green sealing ring, you may order one from here.
2. Make sure the lid is in locked position before cooking or processing food
3. Do not overfill your mixing bowl beyond the 2L marking in the bowl
4. Speed up and down slowly while cooking and when the food is hot
5. Take your time to remove the lid after cooking
6. Use original Thermomix® accessories especially the measuring cup on top of the lid as it is designed to allow hot steam through while cooking
7. Be careful that content will boil when cooked at 100 degree or Varoma – make sure you do not overfill the food over the maximum capacity marking in the mixing bowl
8. Do not use turbo for hot food
9. Do not cover the Thermomix® with a cloth or silicon mat while cooking

Things to remember when using TM31
Things to remember when using TM31

The new Thermomix® TM6 has been designed with new thoughtful features to enhance your cooking experience :-

  • Numerous safety tips and messages, upon booting up and prior to the start of each cooking mode
  • Automatic locking arms when processing or cooking food so the lid cannot be removed halfway through cooking
  • Auto 8 seconds count down after cooking before the lid can be removed to prevent splatters
  • More temperature, speed options and automated cooking modes for cooking and processing food
  • Larger capacity for processing or cooking even more food
  • Guided cooking to take the guess work out of cooking
  • Heating is disabled above blending speed 6 to prevent hot splatters
  • Visual indicator/warning of hot food on the Thermomix® body (green for cold food, red for hot food) so users know when the stainless bowl is hot to touch
  • Unremovable lid sealing ring attached the lid to prevent cooking without the seal attached to the lid
  • Direct access to thousands of Cookidoo® recipes that are safe and tested (Cookidoo® recipes will stop cooking if its weight sensor detects over-filling), every Cookidoo® recipe guides user from the start of the dish until finish
  • Automatically stops cooking when the preset cooking time is up
  • A splash guard is now included to prevent splattering
  • The new simmering basket has a lid to prevent over-filling
  • Base guard to prevent incorrect mixing bowl assembly
  • The TM6 keeps getting better with new enhancements made available over the air (like how your mobile phone upgrades it software)


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