Thermomix® Singapore Tiger-shaped Pineapple Tarts Recipe & Bake-Along Tutorial

There is nothing more fun than to start the year by making your own CNY treats!
With Thermomix®, it is easy to challenge ourselves and make pineapple tarts and other treats from scratch! Dial up the challenge by shaping them into cute tiger shapes that signifies the year of the Tiger.
Cook your jam in advance (need to rest in the fridge at least overnight) for best results for shaping and taste.
Mix your dough, then watch the tutorial (video below) and learn how to colour, assemble and shape cute bite-sized tiger 🐯 pineapple tarts!
Pineapple tarts are our once-a-year indulgence for good luck (ong lai) for the rest of the year! 😉

Let’s have some fun making cute ones as a cook & bond activity with our loved ones too.

▶️ Watch the how to make Tiger-shaped Pineapple Tarts Tutorial here ▶️

1500g Pineapples, peeled, eyes and core removed, cut into cubes
100g Sugar
1 Cinnamon Stick (optional)


70g Rock Sugar
200g Plain Flour
200g Cake Flour
80g Milk Powder
20g Cornflour
2 Egg Yolks
1⁄2tsp Vanilla Extract
300g Cold Butter from fridge, cut into small cubes
1 tsp Salt (omit if using salted butter)
1 Egg, lightly beaten (omit for tiger shaped pineapple tarts)
Orange gel food colouring
Red gel food colouring
Cake decorating pen in black OR Fine tipped brush
Brown gel food colouring

Useful tools : baking tray, dough shaping tools

1) Place pineapples into mixing bowl, chop 5s/ Speed 5. Scrape down sides. Repeat the step 3 times. Drain blended pineapple with Varoma dish to discard excessive liquid.
2) Place blended pineapple pulp into mixing bowl, cook for 30 min/ 120°C/ Speed 1. Remove the measuring cup and place the simmering basket over the lid to allow evaporation.
3) Add sugar according to taste
4) Continue to cook to dry up the paste at 10 min/ Varoma/ Speed 1 (if needed, extend at 10m. intervals)
5) Transfer into a bowl. Once cooled, cling wrap and store in the fridge

Tips : Due to different varieties of pineapples, some may be more ripe, cooking time may differ due to resulting pulp for jam cooking.
Always add sugar towards the end of cooking after tasting the jam so you can sweeten to your liking.
❗Check the jam at the end of the first 30min of cooking – continue to cook at varoma to dry up the paste (extend if needed by 10min interval)
❗Stop if the jam looks dry When the jam comes off the wall and base of the mixing bowl easily, it is ready

1) Place rock sugar into cleaned mixing bowl, pulverise Turbo/ 2s/ 2 times. Add plain flour, salt, cake flour, milk powder and cornflour, pulverise Turbo/ 1s/ 2 times.
2) Add butter, egg yolks and vanilla extract, mix 20s/ Speed 6 (repeat if necessary)
3) Transfer the dough to a bowl, shape into a large dough, cling wrap and place aside.Refrigerate for 20-30 minutes if the dough is too soft.
4) During the bake-along, learn how to divide the dough to add colours and the steps to assemble and the required shaping for each design

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paysan thermomix pineapple tarts
Thermomix Singapore Tiger-shaped pineapple tarts
tiger tarts
Thermomix Singapore Tiger-Shaped Pineapple Tarts – Photo Credit Sherene Chen
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